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Rosh Hashanah-Prophetic Date of New Beginnings

Prophetic Ministries · Rosh Hashanah – Prophetic Date Of New Beginnings

Christ’s Birth on Rosh Hashanah had been prophetically announced for hundreds of years in both subtle and bold ways. G3D told the Israelites to celebrate the day by blowing trumpets, but His People did not realize they were announcing their King.

Though G3D only stipulated that the day be set aside for the blowing of trumpets, the meaning behind this Prophetic Performance has changed over the ages.

Jewish tradition has taught two different origin stories regarding Rosh Hashanah. Some Rabbis have postulated that G3D began Creation on this day, while others argue that Adam was formed and had Life breathed into him on Rosh Hashanah.

Whether Creation or Mankind began on the Head of the Year, most agree that both Cain and Abel may have been born on the First Day of the Seventh Month, and other famous Patriarchs may have been as well.

Noah, famous for his ark, was also supposedly born on the same day the Earth was reborn. After nearly a year since the beginning of the Flood, on the First Day of the First Month, the Flood Waters began to recede and Dry Land appeared, symbolically re-birthing a purified World as it emerged from the Waters, setting the precedent for our modern water baptisms. Before G3D established His Religious Calendar, the calendar was set with Rosh Hashanah as the start of the year, and it still the beginning of the civil calendar.

After a long unjust imprisonment, Joseph was remembered and released from prison on Rosh Hashanah. More importantly, he was promoted to Prime Minister over all of Egypt on this day. This public inauguration was repeated by King Solomon when he held his coronation and sanctified and anointed the Temple on Rosh Hashanah. Though Solomon had been privately crowned king much earlier, and the Temple had already been completed, Solomon chose the day the whole country would be blowing trumpets to officially begin his reign. This date became so popular, all future Kings of Judah were initiated to the sounds of the Rosh Hashanah trumpets, including Jesus, whose birth would have been announced by the sounds of the shofar.

Modern Jews celebrate the Lord’s Feast by blowing trumpets in anticipation of the Messiah, but most families focus on eating sweet foods, such as apples dipped in honey, to symbolize the hope for a new year filled with positive experiences. One of the most consistent items at the table, is an accidental birthday cake: a round challah bread. Through challahs are usually baked in a long strip, on Rosh Hashanah, they are kneaded into a round shape for Rosh Hashanah. Though the domed shape may be a reference to the construction of the Tabernacle, most bakers will say that their creation is meant to resemble a crown, for the G3D of the Universe. Others will say that the circular shape represents the cyclical nature of the year, or the never ending reign of the Messiah.

Most Jews use the day to celebrate the beginning of a new calendar year, but it also marks the countdown to Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Judgement. Rosh Hashanah is the day the events for the next year are decreed, but it is not till Yom Kippur that they are made permanent. A person’s health, wealth, and relationships for the next year are affected by how a person lived their previous year. Having been generous and thoughtful and caring to your friends, family, employees and customers, will mean that you will be blessed with more in the upcoming year. Being cruel, mean-spirited, stingy, and cheating or purposefully hurting others, will result in you losing money, worsened health, broken relationships, and possibly even death.

By giving to the poor and needy, making amends with those you have hurt and wronged, and trying to outweigh the evil you had done, as well as intense prayer and remorse, your fortune for the upcoming year could be changed.

Thankfully, Christ’s Sacrifice negated the need to do any of that. Since we are unable to ever fully pay the enormous debt we owe for our sin, G3D’s Grace means that Rosh Hashanah can be a day of celebrating all the Good He has done for us throughout the past year. Rather than contemplating how we can try to make up for all the mistakes we have recently made, we can recognize all the blessings He has rained upon His Faithful.

Rosh Hashanah may have been the beginning of Creation or the start of Mankind, and it set a trend of commencements on this day. Not only was it the supposed birthday of very important Biblical figures including the Patriarchs, it was also the date of the rebirth of the World after the Great Flood. Joseph was released from prison and given the position of Prime Minister over Egypt on this day. King Solomon was publicly coronated and consecrated and anointed the Temple on Rosh Hashanah.

Most importantly, Christ was born on this day. His Birth began a new World and a new Era. The Nation of Israel blew horns announcing the birth and crowning of their Eternal King. Jews bake round challah bread to symbolically crown the Messiah and in recognition of His Never-ending Reign. While some people worry about having done enough good to survive the next year, we can rest on the fact that G3D’s Grace and Christ’s Sacrifice has paid the price, and we do not need to fear Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Judgement.

Whether you celebrate the day by blowing the shofar, eating round challah bread or other sweet and yummy foods, or spending time with family and friends, take a moment to thank G3D for having provided throughout this past year of uncertainties. This next year will be exciting and major changes will be coming, but know that He has revealed His Plans to His Prophets and Christ is ruling and reigning today.

Prepared by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet & Eric Sepulveda, PMT Administrator

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