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Things to Come

Prophetic Ministries · Prophetic Word to the Youth of a War-Torn Nation


Prophecy from August 1999


A rekindling of rage, an ultimate war will begin between Muslim nations and Israel people. The new ministers of Israel will grate on the Muslim leaders sparking a period of retaliation upon the Jewish people worldwide.

A younger generation of Christians will begin to turn the course of this (USA) nation into the wind of God’s spirit creating a hunger in all of God’s people establishing the pace for the church involvement in government affairs.

From this generation of young Christians, God will raise up a strong alliance of God-fearing Senators, Congressmen, and Governors being the majority in the House, Senate and State.


Our next Commander and Chief will be the coral spring that will catapult this Christian revolution. This Commander and Chief-to-be will not voice his plans of implementing stronger church rights with ultimate power to be assertive in all levels of government. He will remain silent on the issues that will label him as a Christian crusader, however, when he is secured in the highest government office, he will ignite the tempers of liberals and anti-Christian groups.

He will draw a line in the spiritual dirt of evil. The majority of Christians will sweep away the immoral “people’s freedom.”

The loose-minded will be deafened by the cry of God’s people for nationalized Christian reform. One by one the angel of death will take out those who stand for immoral rights. Leaders of all shades of darkness shall be placed under conviction one last time before entering their eternal damnation. More testimonies of those who have seen heaven and hell will be shared on national television.

Where once the main thought of evolution was fact, it will soon become a myth being replaced with more evidences in the teaching of God’s creation. The schools shall surely become the breeding ground for Christianity, impregnating the spirit of God into the young leaders and nurtured by God’s appointed servants disciplining these young warriors with the meat of God’s word.


Like the high-tide swells, great wealth shall begin to come into the hands of Christian business leaders. Revelations, inventions and high tech ideas will be birth in the hearts of those who walk in righteousness, placing the economic control in the camps of those who are trustworthy to expand God’s kingdom.

The church will see a change in leadership transferring the ruling rod to the apostles and prophets commissioned to rebuild the church on the foundation of Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone. With this change a strong bridge of alliance will be built between the church and government. In that day, we will see apostles and prophets walking with high-ranking government officials noted as the eyes and ears of our new revolutionized nation. These things the Lord has shared with me this day. May we pray and be blessed in it.

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