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Hung by their Own Gallows

Prophetic Ministries · Hung By Their Own Gallows

As political elites have had their institutionalized power threatened, they have become increasingly blatant in their corruption and open manipulation and interference of the upcoming elections, including assassination attempts. The Jewish celebration of Purim commemorates the day that an evil corrupt official was caught up in the very same trap that he had set up to destroy an honorable man & the People of G3D.

After a disrespectful and dismissive queen named Vashti, was banished from her position and sent back to her royal family, King Ahasuerus of the Achaemenid/Persian Empire, was counseled by his closest advisors to hold an empire wide beauty pageant in order to find a new queen. Mordecai, an official in the King’s court, brought his beautiful orphaned cousin Hadassah (popularly known as Esther), whom he had adopted as a daughter, to the court.

Esther was under the care of Hegai, the custodian over the women, during a yearlong training session, where Esther was to learn the customs of royal life, in addition to receiving an extensive beautifying routine. After the courting phase had ended, the King, who loved Esther above all the other young women in his harem, decided to make her Queen over Persia.

Throughout this whole period, Mordecai would wait by the king’s gate to hear about what was happening to Esther and to give her advice and counseling. During one of his visits, he overheard two members of the king’s security team, Bigthana and Teresh, talk about an assassination attempt. Mordecai told Esther of the plot, and she told the king, who confirmed the matter, and they were both hung on the gallows for their treachery.

While these events were transpiring, the king had promoted Haman, the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, to the title of vizier, which was above all the other princes and officials in the court. The king also decreed that all who came into Haman’s presence were required to bow down to him and pay homage. But because Mordecai was a Jew, he refused to bow to or revere any person or image, but G3D alone. The other officials noticed this and tried to convince Mordecai to change, but he was immovable in his faith.

Haman was informed of Mordecai’s refusal to pay him homage, and this rejection to do as everyone else pressured him to do, infuriated Haman to such a degree that he planned to not only kill Mordecai, but all of his fellow Jews. Haman convinced the king that G3D’s People should be destroyed because they would not follow the laws to fall down to their knees as their overlords passed by. They were a menace that put the entire empire’s safety and stability into question and should be totally eliminated. The king was convinced by his vizier and issued the command that on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, all Jews would be killed and their possessions plundered.

The public decree burdened the souls of the Jews throughout the empire, and Mordecai was deeply troubled and depressed and in his grief, wore sackcloth and covered himself in ashes. After Esther discovered the plot to destroy all Jews, she consulted with Mordecai who explained the prophetic principle that even if she decided to remain silent, relief and deliverance would arrive for the Jews from another place, but she and her father’s house would perish. That perhaps, G3D had placed her in her position for this exact moment. Together, they devised a plan to first gather all the Jews present in the surrounding province to collectively fast, while Esther and her royal handmaidens fasted as well.

After the three days of fasting were over, Esther asked the King to attend a drinking banquet that she had prepared for the king and Haman. During the celebration, the king asked what Queen Esther desired and she asked that he and Haman attend an additional banquet the following evening.

Haman the vizier was very pleased at having been invited to both of these drinking banquets, and bragged to his wife and friends about his material success, his high position, and his political power. But none of this brought him happiness as he was not able to control Mordecai, who still refused to follow the arbitrary rules regarding honoring Haman. His wife Zeresh suggested that he build a gallows and at the next banquet suggest to the king that Mordecai be hung from it. Deranged from his hatred, Haman built the large public platform, with the intention to display Mordecai’ corpse for all to see. (Depending on translation, Haman created a large pike to run through Mordecai’s body, or perhaps some kind of noose to hang him from.)

That night, the king could not sleep, and in his insomnia, called for the book of records of the chronicles be brought and read to him. Upon recalling the plot by Bigthana and Teresh to assassinate the king, which was thwarted by Mordecai, the king asked how he had been repaid. When he learned that Mordecai had received no honor or dignity, he demanded that this error be corrected and asked advice from his court advisors.

Haman had just entered the court and when the king asked him “What shall be done for the man whom the king delights to honor?”, believed that the king was referring to him. Thinking that he would be receiving what he suggested, Haman explained that the king’s royal robe should be placed on his shoulders, that he should ride the king’s horse, and that the king’s most noble leader personally adorn this man and parade him on horseback through the city square.

Haman was horrified to hear the king reply “Hurry, take the robe and the horse as you have suggested, and do so for Mordecai the Jew, who sits within the King’s gate! Leave nothing undone of all that you have spoken”. After leading a parade in Mordecai’s honor, Haman went to weep to his friends and wife who prophesied his coming downfall.

That night, during the second banquet, Esther revealed Haman’s evil plot and instead of Mordecai being killed, Haman was hung by the very gallows that he had built earlier that day for Mordecai. Haman’s royal position as vizier was also given to Mordecai. But the royal decree still stood that, the Jews were to be killed and their possessions taken away.

Queen Esther wisely helped devise a law that allowed the Jews to defend themselves against those who wished to kill and plunder them, and when the day came for the first law to come into effect on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the Jews banded together and fought off those who wished to break into their homes and businesses to burn, loot, and murder them. Other leaders who had planned to use the law to kill the Jews and extract their wealth and the sons of Haman were taken into custody and killed before being hung like their father. Those who defended their lives, homes, and businesses from the violent criminals ended up righteously killing over seventy-five thousand of their enemies, but unlike those who sought to kill them, the People of G3D did not touch any plunder.

Though the corrupt public officials and celebrities have openly shown their hand that they intend to eliminate all who stand in the way of their power and will devise plans and traps to try to destroy their political enemies, over and over again they have been caught up in the devious webs they have laid out for others. Whether it’s hypocritical Hollywood elites being canceled for more despicable things they tried to eliminate others for, cultural provocateurs having their own homes, businesses, and positions targeted even after bowing down to mobs that they riled up into a violent fury, or politicians begging their constituents to change their voting methods because the insecure procedures they tried to use to vote tamper later, have been struck down or are actually working against them.

When’s G3D’s People are aligned with His Will, He will thwart the plans of their enemies, because they are also His Enemies. He will force them to honor those G3D seeks to hold in high esteem, and He will crush these evil minded people with the same tools they devised to torture His Chosen. We live in terrifying and historic days, but if our hearts are tuned to executing His Will, over the concerns of our lives, we will be saved and share in His Glory and Goodness.

Prepared by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet & Eric Sepulveda, PMT Administrator

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