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The Coup to Capture the Crown

Prophetic Ministries · The Coup To Claim The Crown

As more evidence of election interference and voting fraud continues to emerge, the corrupt establishment media is trying to falsely legitimize their chosen candidate, and accusing the president of trying to “overturn” the rigged ballot results. This same strategy was employed by a coup during the time of King David’s final years, but the illegal move to establish their nominee was thwarted, and the rightful ruler gained the throne instead.

As King David grew older, the political aspirations of his sons began to demonstrate themselves with his son Adonijah, the son of Haggith. He had been born during David’s time fleeing King Saul and was known for being very handsome. Since he was born after Amnon and Absalom, who had both been killed during the events leading to and during the previous rebellion attempt to usurp the throne, Adonijah figured that he was heir apparent and made efforts to establish himself as the successor.

Because King David had never rebuked or corrected Adonijah as a child, he grew up entitled, deciding within himself that he would be king when he saw that his father was aging, and made a grand public show with chariots and horses ready, with fifty men running ahead of him to declare his presence. These parades were meant to try to convince the unknowing public that the next king had already been decided and get them conditioned to the false narrative that Adonijah was the next ruler.

Adonijah tried to consolidate his power by gaining the support of key members of David’s Cabinet. Abiathar, the appointed High Priest (1 Chronicles 15:11; 1 Kings 2:26), who was the sole survivor of King Saul’s massacre at Nob, where the Tabernacle stood, and the “king’s counselor” (1 Chronicles 27:33-34) was a key ally, as his backing implied that David and G3D had personally decreed that Adonijah would be the future leader. Adonijah also ensured that Joab, General over the entire military, threw his support behind Adonijah, as King David’s reputation as a great man of war and conquest implied that he would trust who his General aligned himself with. These political alliances were key to ensuring that his push for the throne seemed legitimate.

But Adonijah did not have allies amongst those who truly mattered.

Zadok, the legitimate High Priest who served under David and later Solomon in the Temple; Benaiah, son of Jehoiada, leader of King David’s Special Forces and one of his closest allies since his time in the cave systems of Adullam; Prophet Nathan, King David’s closest spiritual advisors; Shimei and Rei, who were most likely David’s surviving older brothers, future advisors to King Solomon, but who had a legitimate claim to the throne as David’s family; and David’s special palace guards, made up his mighty men and closest war buddies whom he entrusted his life to. These people did not support Adonijah’s presumptuous power grab and were amongst the high officials who were not invited to Adonijah’s public event declaring himself king, where he sacrificed sheep and fattened calves at the Stone of Zoheleth near En Rogel, to try to convince the national leaders to back his coup.

More importantly, Adonijah did not invite his brother Solomon, the rightful heir to the throne, subtly recognizing that he was usurping his brother’s rightful position.

After hearing about how Adonijah was trying to seize political power for himself, Prophet Nathan contacted Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba, and asked her to appear before King David to inquire about the proper royal succession. While Queen Bathsheba was rightfully concerned about the future of her son and herself, reminding her husband of his previous promise that Solomon would replace him as king, Prophet Nathan approached King David very differently.

Nathan asked David if he had changed his mind at some point and decided to instead declare that Adonijah replace Solomon. Nathan questioned if David had made such a major decision without letting those closest to him including Zadok the true High Priest and closest advisor, nor Benaiah, the leader of his elite personal bodyguards. Even if David had made such a dramatic change, the king knew that he would have to run the idea through Prophet Nathan first, as he had already previous spoke G3D’s Message that David would not be allowed to build the Temple due to his military career. Even though David was King, he was still under the discretion of what G3D saw fit to do.

Ultimately, King David confirmed that Solomon was the rightful ruler and made preparations to allow for a peaceful transition of power.

While Adonijah tried to buy the favor of the establishment powers in religion, the military, and the regional governors, Solomon courted the favor of the average citizen and made his inauguration available and open to all of Israel. Prophet Nathan and Zadok the High Priest anointed Solomon and the cheers of support for the newly crowned King Solomon terrified those who had originally aligned themselves with Adonijah’s political gambit and they quickly abandoned their candidate.

Adonijah fled to the Tabernacle for protection, knowing full well that his plans had failed and that he should rightfully be executed, along with his coconspirators, for treason and insurrection. After begging for his life, Solomon responded to Adonijah “If you show yourself to be worthy, not a hair on your head will fall to the ground; but if evil is found in you, you will die” (ref. 1 Kings 1)

Adonijah could not control his desire for the power of the throne, and made a subtle grab for the kingship by asking for King David’s Hospice nurse, Abishag, the Shunammite, as a wife, knowing full well what such a marriage would imply politically. In order to prevent another insurrection and civil war, Solomon ordered that Adonijah be killed for his continued political schemes, Abiathar, the High Priest was stripped of his appointed position and placed under house arrest, and had Joab, the blood-thirsty General of the military slaughtered for his war crimes. The charges and executions were necessary to allow the country to heal, establish power in G3D’s chosen candidate, and prevent additional uprisings.

The Kingdom of Israel had been wrecked multiple times with consecutive civil wars, before Solomon finally came to power, since King Saul was obsessed with maintaining his own position and Solomon’s older brothers craved the crown for their own and risked dividing the country to gain access to that power. Prophet Nathan was wise to first confirm with King David that there had not been some kind of change, knowing full well that G3D would have informed him previously. Just as the king before him could not decide who would follow him, David had to follow G3D’s Will and elect His chosen king.

While we are in the middle of a key political moment in our nation, we must remember that the established powers do not decide who will be the leader. Political celebrations and media blitzes to try to trick everyday citizens into thinking that the election has actually been decided are cheap manipulation tactics that insurrectionists have employed for thousands of years. Despite corporate and social media trying to declare their own winner, G3D ultimately decides. Likewise, they will be at the mercy of G3D’s Judgement as to what needs to be done to perform His Will. If there is evil found in them, they will be punished.

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