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Prophecy #23

Shouldering the Burden

Recorded: February 7, 2021


Our Lord is saying, “How much more can these War-Torn Soldiers take? For the past four years they have experienced the Love of My Man who I have Called to Restore What My Nation Has Lost.”

“Once again, these Mighty Warriors are being asked to Carry the Burdens of this Nation to free ‘We the People’ from its Evil Doers. At the same time, the Evil Doers in this Land continue to Rob them of their Earned Rewards passing them over as Entitlements to The Illegal Invaders.”

“What will you do to Right this Wrong? I ask you not to focus upon your own needs but rather do what you can for the Fighting Warriors and their Families. In this New Republic it will be required for all High School Graduates to give two years of their life serving ‘We the People’ and their Country.”

It is Written:

“Like Arrows in the Hand of a Warrior, So, are the Children of One’s Youth” (Psalms 127:4 NKJV).


Our Lord is asking you, “How will you Overcome Your Enemy? They are Followers of Lucifer and they are being empowered by his demons. Calling them up from the Pits of Hell to help overtake the world and all that is within it.”

“My Fury Rages as I see only a few of My People attempting to turn the Tide of Destruction. Did I not tell you in the Scriptures that My People will Perish for a Lack of Knowledge?

Repent from Ignoring Me and My Knowledge and Wisdom. I have given you everything you need to Win this Battle; however, your Preachers and Teachers have Denounced My Knowledge. Telling you it is too old to believe it is for today. Their so-called wisdom will only lead you into bondage.”

It is Written:

“My people are destroyed for Lack of Knowledge. Because you have Rejected Knowledge, I also will Reject You from being Priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the Law of your God, I also will Forget Your Children” (Hosea 4:6 NKJV).



       The Holy Spirit shares these thoughts. “Your enemies have their demons helping them but who do you have helping You? Is it NOT written; My Ministering Spirits are sent to Minister for You? Then what do you know about Your Angel that I have Appointed to Minister for You? What are you waiting for? Reap the benefits of My Power. It can only be Received if you Believe. Do you know how to Activate your Angel? Do you believe that unbelievers can be Demon Possessed and have powers to do Horrible Things? Ask yourself, how do the demon possessed people have more power than Christians Today?”

“In One Word you will find the answer; Committed! To be Bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action, or attitude. Opposite of Uncommitted.”

It is Written:

“Who makes His Angels Spirits, His Ministers a Flame of Fire” (Psalms 104:4 NKJV) “Are they not all Ministering Spirits sent forth to Minister FOR those who will Inherit Salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14 NKJV)


Our Lord says, “You have an Obligation to Serve. To serve the Church and My People. However, those who I have placed in My Church have been restrained from Leading the People.”

“I have Appointed these in the Church: first Apostles, second Prophets, third Teachers, after that Miracles, then Gifts of HealingsHelpsAdministrations, varieties of Tongues(ref 1 Cor. 12:28). Who has the right or authority to remove these appointed ones from MY HOUSE?”

“If you want to make the Church your way then Save Yourselves from the Destroyer. Your Military can only do so much. Without the True Church they are Helpless. My People should not Perish for a Lack of Knowledge!”

Who is Committed to Give their Life for My Church?

It is Written:

“Take Heed to Yourself and to the Doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will Save Both Yourself and those Who Hear You” (1 Timothy 4:16 NKJV).

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