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Prophecy to the Storm

Recorded: February 21, 2021


Our Lord is saying, “Seek Me where I can be found. Ask Me what you will, and I will tell you how. What you have been told is to Seek ~ is to Pray, but this is not so.”

“They say you have not for you Ask Not but what they are saying is that if you Ask Me for anything is it shall be given to you, they Speak Presumptuously.”

“When you Seek Me do not give up, I can be found; however, when you find Me do not tell me what you need for, I already know. Rather Ask Me how to obtain what you think you have need of. In a short while I will tell you how to obtain that which you think so you need. Although, I know you so well; you will Quickly Grow Weary in your attempts to obtain what you will. Falling to the Wayside you will say it is Not Worth the Effort. You will learn what you thought you needed was not all that important and learn to Live Without It.”

It is Written:

You Ask and Do Not Receive, because You Ask Amiss, that you may Spend it on Your Pleasures. (James 4:3 NKJV).



Our Lord is saying, “When you have prayed through and you know what it is you need to do then just do it, as I have told you. Even though the task appears to be burdensome you will soon discover I have made your load light and your task easy. When you grasp how to Seek, Ask and Pray unto Me you will experience the flow of My Grace and Favor as it Paves Your Way.”

“I never intended on Doing Everything for you. My Desire is to witness you Fulfilling Your Success and rejoicing with you. When you work with your Heavenly Father and do as you are told, not only do you learn a New Way you will also prosper by doing it My Way.”

It is Written:

“For My Thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My Ways,” says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My Ways higher than your ways, and My Thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8-9 NKJV).



The Holy Spirit shares Spiritual Knowledge.

Many know that a blizzard that started in Canada came down through the United States leaving people without power to keep warm in Below Zero temperatures. After 2 ½ days without power I had called Oncor who is TXU service company over 45 times receiving the same recording each time. The recording informed callers that ERCOT was purposely shutting off power to certain areas in order to keep from crashing the grid. No one would be without power for more than 60 minutes.

We heard the same recording multiple times without results. However, the evening of the 3rd day I called, and a new recording with a man’s voice. (Play Recording) Here is where it gets good! I knew something more had happened than just changing the person doing the recording. So, I immediately began to Seek the Spirit of G3D and here is what He said; “Your Governor, A Man of G3D, has sent the Texas Rangers to investigate what ERCOT was doing to the grid.” At the same time G3D Spoke the Electric came on for about 45 minutes then went off. I waited 1 hour and called again. The same man’s recording played through and within 5 minutes the Power came back on and stated on for 4 hours that night. During the night, the Spirit of G3D woke me up and began downloading more Spiritual Knowledge. I say Spiritual Knowledge because at that time I did not have any Natural Evidence, i.e., Confirmation. I totally believe every word the Spirit of G3D says to me; however, I need evidence for those who would doubt I was truly Hearing G3D’s Spirit.

Here are a few of the Spiritual Downloads G3D shared with me that night. “It should be obvious to you that Texas is Under Attack using this Crisis to Get Rid of those who are Supporters of the MAGA MAN! Look at the electoral map of Texas, the Spirit Revealed the Red areas are being Targeted and Blue areas are being supplied with electricity.”

“You know the Communist Threat is making a Fist in order to Punch Out the True Patriots of the U.S. In an Evil and Stealth way Secretly the Board Members of ERCOT have Control over the Texas Electrical Grid.”

“Wake up; the not all the Members of the Board on ERCOT are from Texas; however, they Control what Happens to those who are. They own your Electrical Grid. It was purchased with large sums of Communist Money most of it came from the CCP.”

“Remember the Puppets Presidential Promise; ‘It will be a Cold Hard Winter.’” And now it is upon you!”

Prophet Kent Simpson

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