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11th Question: ‘What is Next Lord?’
Series #28 ‘Sharing His Knowledge in 2022’
Recorded: June 19, 2022


Called, Gifted & Commissioned

As I recall, in the early part of November 1989, I walked into my home to make lunch before returning back to work. As I ate my lunch, I turned on the television to my surprise I saw a commercial advertising a 900 number to call for a reading from a psychic. Focusing in on every word, I watched intently wondering what in the world is going on. Right after the commercial ended, G3D spoke. To my amazement He said,I want you to do that!” Stunned, I questioned our Lord, first checking to make sure it was His Spirit according to 1 John 4:1-5. I knew that G3D was against anyone operating under the spirits that psychics use to do what they do (ref. Deuteronomy 18:9-14). What did He want me to do, go on television, get a 900 number, or just offer myself as a vessel for Him to speak through? I was already giving face-to-face prophecies. To give someone a word from our Lord and not be able to see them or touch them seemed impossible. For the next few days, I wrestled with this experience. There were so many variables of what He could be asking me to do, I questioned, “Do I really want to do this?” As I was praying a few days later, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Jacob who wrestled with G3D’s Word until his hip was taken out of socket. Not wanting to put myself into a similar position, I surrendered to the call and began testing it by seeking confirmation. 


Starting with the only form of exposure I could financially afford. I placed a small ad in the Metro Christian Monitor, a local Christian Newspaper. The ad read: “For your word of knowledge or wisdom in this lifetime call ___ ____.” The first issue the ad ran was November 1989. Approximately 3 days later, I received my first phone call. I was so nervous; I did not know what I was going to do. The man said he wanted a word for his wife and himself. Not feeling the presence of G3D anywhere. I quickly asked the man if I could send him and his wife their word from G3D on an audio cassette tape. He gave me his address and I hung up the phone. Temporarily relieved I exhaled and then the reality of the commitment I had just made hit me. I told the man I would record their prophetic word on a cassette tape and mail it to them. How was I going to do this? Fear just climbed all over me, so I quickly began to pray. All of sudden, the Holy Spirit firmly said to me, “You either hear me or you don’t!” I knew this was a breaking point for me. I had to either believe or disbelieve that I could hear His voice. The decision I made is obvious if had I chosen not to believe you would not be reading this article. The next day I began to seek G3D for His Word. I started praying harder than ever. The entire time I am wrestling with the thought I have to get this right or I could mess these people’s lives up. The pressure was extremely intense. What if I was wrong? What would they do to me? Finally, I had the words recorded. Now all that was left was to mail the tapes. As I stood in front of the mail slot at the post office, my fingers did not want to let go of the package holding the recordings. Eventually, I let go and thought to myself, “Well, this is either G3D or someone needs to stick a fork in me, because I am done.” That day, I officially became a Mail Order Prophet, my how things have changed over the past 30+ years!


Getting back to my painting business, I forgot all about the ad I had placed until I came home for lunch and noticed the light flashing on my telephone recorder. As I strained to listen to the hysterical man on the recorder, I found it difficult to understand what he was saying. I did manage to clearly hear him say that he had received the word of prophecy and his pastor would be calling me soon. Once again fear struck me, and all I could think about was how badly I was going to be chewed out and what might happen if he called my pastor. The very next day Pastor Gill Hawks from Rockwall, Texas called me. 


Preparing for a Pastors Rebuke:

After mailing out my first prophecy back in 1989, I was full of anxiety after the person whom I sent the prophecy said they told their pastor and that he would be calling me. Every day I was at home I found myself dodging the telephone messages flashing on my telephone recorder in fear of what I might hear. All kinds of horrible things went through my mind.


One day I rushed in the house to pick up something and the phone rang without thinking, I picked up the telephone and on the other end I hear, “This is Pastor Gill Hawks from Rockwall, Texas.” Squeezing the phone with one hand, as my other hand is digging into the counter top waiting for my tongue lashing. He mentioned that one of his parishioners had requested a word and that he had listened to it. As my anxiety peaked, to my surprise he said, “I would like you to send me four prophecies, one for me, my wife, and two sons.” Within a couple of days, I found time to record what I heard from our Lord and mailed the prophecy tapes right away. I had not told anyone about the newspaper ad or that I had received requests; I really did not think they would understand. I even prayed, asking G3D if He would allow me to stop running the ad before someone found out.


It was a Wednesday night, and it was my turn to bring the message at our local church. As I sat in the church pew studying my bible our Senior Pastor, Ray Thompson, came to me and said, “There is a Pastor Gill Hawks from Rockwall, Texas here and he wants to talk with you.” Fear washed over me as perspiration began to cover my forehead. Not knowing what Pastor Hawks was going to say, my mind filled in the blanks with the vision of him attacking me with gnashing teeth and lashing tongue. I needed a solution and fast. Then it came to me, Pastors love to preach and teach, so I decided to defuse his anger by asking him to take the pulpit in my place. My Pastor agreed with a questioning look on his face, but I did not give up any information about why I was making this unusual request. Pastor Hawks was truly blessed that I asked him to take the pulpit; I felt all was okay now.


After everyone was seated, I introduced Pastor Gill Hawks and handed over the microphone. Before I could sit down, he started off telling everyone he had contacted me through the ad he had seen in the Christian Monitor, a newspaper for the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Then Pastor Hawks began to talk about calling me up and requesting four prophecy tapes for his family. As I began to melt in the pew, sliding slowly downward in the hope of making myself invisible. My Pastor is turning around in his pew looking back at me glaring holes through me. It seemed as though the entire congregation had turned looking at me with expressions that communicated a vast array of thoughts. 

After Pastor Hawks gave his report about his prophecies being wonderfully accurate, I began to straighten up and I felt myself sitting tall in the pew. Pastor Hawk’s wife was with him, and he gave a raving report about her word as she gave a continual nod of approval throughout his report. By the time he had finished his account of the prophecies his family received, the people and Pastor of my church were actually smiling at me. It was great, and I was blessed by how everything worked out. Then G3D spoke to me telling me what He wanted me to do next as I thought to myself, oh no, here we go again.


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