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12th Question: ‘Walking Blind in Faith?’
Series #28 ‘Sharing His Knowledge in 2022’
Recorded: June 26, 2022


“So, we are always confident, knowing that while we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord. For we walk by faith, not by sight(2 Corinthians 5:6-7 NKJV) 

It was not long after I sent out my first mail order prophecy, I found myself being carried by G3D’s Grace. Especially, when I thought I would be rebuked by a pastor for sending out prophecies to his parishioners. However, it turned out to be a huge blessing. It had been only a couple of months since our Lord had me place an advertisement in the local Christian Newspaper. He even showed what He wanted me to do next. In a vision, He showed me the Cassette Tape Ad in Charisma Magazine. I did not think Charisma would place the ad G3D was showing me. However, I was obedient to the call and started searching for ways to make the extra funds needed. I started saving money and asked one of my friends, who later became my brothers-in-law, if he would work up an ad to look just like what G3D had shown me. 

The day finally came. I took a deep breath as I sent the ad to Charisma Magazine. Next, I got busy working on putting back enough money to pay for the next month’s ad. Waiting for Charisma to run the ad seemed to take forever. When I finally saw the ad in print, I felt I had really accomplished something. That first month, not many people wrote in, but I did not lose sight of what I was doing. I was just being obedient to what G3D had revealed. The results were not my problem, nor did the measure of success dictate whether I continued running the ad. After a couple of months, we began to see the demand increase. It was becoming more difficult to balance my time between doing prophecy requests and working at my regular job. I knew then it was time to make a big decision. I wanted to give up my small business but Andrea and I were to be married soon, and I could not see myself quitting. The ministry generated a huge monthly expense, and I would not have the income to offset the cost. After a few months, Andrea and I were finally married and we moved into our little house. I continued to keep the pace, building a new and controversial ministry as well as working a full-time job.

Then one day after coming home early from work, G3D began to deal with me about giving up my business and concentrating full time on the ministry. For the rest of the day, G3D and I had a back-and-forth discussion. I would remind Him that I just got married and my wife will think I am a bum if I closed down my little business. He came back with the story of Elisha, how he broke down his plow, made a fire, and sacrificed his oxen as a symbol of his commitment to follow after the G3D of Elijah. By that evening, I knew what I had to do, but I did not know how my wife was going to take it. After I had my conversation with G3D I sat waiting, knowing in just a few minutes My Andrea, a wonderful wife of 18 years (1959-2009) would be coming home. I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, fearing she would break down crying when I told her that I had agreed to do what G3D wanted.

When Andrea came in from work, she had a strange look on her face. She revealed that G3D had spoken to her. I anxiously waited to hear what she had to share. She began with something like, “I’ve told you I didn’t want you to become a minister after seeing all my dad had gone through as a pastor, but G3D has changed my thinking and you need to quit your job.” I was in shock, fumbling around trying to find my words. She stood stunned as I told her about the experience I had encountered with our Heavenly Father. We both ecstatically celebrated even though we knew we would incur a huge financial loss. Although, we also knew in our “knower” it was all going to be okay.

As Andrea would leave each day to go to work, cleaning houses, I would walk to the post office to pick up requests for prophecies, return home and begin seeking G3D for His Word. One day I received a phone call that shook me to the core and at the same time gave me relief.

A Charisma Magazine executive called me and informed me that they were going to have to pull my ad. Baffled, I asked him why. He began to tell me that pastors from all over were calling and some writing to their office. Threatening to pull their subscriptions and tell their followers to do the same if they didn’t pull my ad. When I asked what the problem was, he revealed that Charisma had no issue with the ad, but that a few pastors believed I was using my gift for financial gain. I resisted the urge to lose my temper over the phone. Instead, I reminded him that we only ask for a love offering, and so far, we had not received enough “love” to pay their monthly charge of $386.00 per month. He said he was sorry, and I let it go. Relieved, knowing I would not have to come up with the funds for the next month, I found myself telling our Father that I had done all I could and that the problem was now His.

To my surprise the ad was in the next month’s issue. I just thought maybe someone made a mistake. However, when the next issue still had the ad, I was totally perplexed. Then, after the third monthly issue was released, I received a phone call and it was the Manager for Carman, a Christian Psalmist, and he said, “You will never know why your ad is still running unless someone tells you.” Then he proceeded to tell me that the editorial and sales staff for Strang Communications, which owned Charisma and many other publications, wrote in anonymously for each person a prophecy tape. He continued by saying that he was there the day they all sat down at the huge boardroom table with their tapes in hand. As they passed around the tape player, they each played their prophecy and the others Judged the Word. He reported that no one at the table had a dry eye; they cried and made a prayerful commitment they would NOT pull the ad as long as they owned the magazine. 

After the ad ran in Charisma Magazine for 5 consecutive years, I finally asked them to pull the ad. There were too many requests to keep up with. Besides, I was traveling overseas three weeks out of every month preaching and prophesying everywhere even on radio and television. In the beginning G3D had told me I would Reap a Harvest wherever a prophecy tape was sent. I was living out His Prophetic Promise. 

Charisma Magazine also held true to their promise, which assured me that they had obeyed G3D as well. Ad Below is for Display ONLY!

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