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13th Question: ‘Busting Out of this Place; Taking His Grace’
Series #28 ‘Sharing His Knowledge in 2022’
Recorded: July 03, 2022


After just a few weeks our Prophetic Ministries Today radio program began gaining listeners. Wes Arnold would pray for me as I prophesied live over the airwaves. Andrea was busy answering phone calls from those who wanted to receive a Prophetic Word. During one of our Saturday morning programs, G3D told me to tell the people that we were busting out of this place, taking His Grace.

Calls from all over began to flood the radio station, people asking us to come to their city. Soon after, we began to hold meetings in our home to train a group of people who had recently discovered they had the Gift of Prophecy. Before long, we were scheduling meetings, setting up locations, dates and times. We were ready to make our first weekend road trip. 

To ensure that we had G3D’s Favor we drove Mike, a little man of G3D with a powerful gift of intercession, to Jacksboro, Texas a few days before the meeting so that he could beseech our Father to send his angels and prepare the city for our first prophetic meeting.

The day had finally come for us to take our ministry on the road. As we all gathered to leave, we made a circle holding hands and began to pray for Jesus’ anointing. There were about fourteen people ministering, including a blind woman whom I did not know. Regardless, she came along to pray for us as we all prophesied. His anointing fell upon us as we began to pray in the Spirit. Some who were praying went out under the power, others went to their knees. It was a powerful beginning to what would be an astounding outpouring of the Spirit of G3D.

As we prayed, the Holy Spirit told me to spit in the blind woman’s eyes and He would heal them. I thought about it and wondered how I was going to do this. I met the lady just a few minutes before. I took too long to make up my mind, and the opportunity passed. When the meeting ended, I took the woman by the arm, as she tapped her red and white striped cane. We carefully walked down the steps toward the cars.  

When I knew that she had mastered the rhythm of the steps, I told her what the Holy Spirit told me during the prayer. She stopped and shouted “he told you that and you didn’t spit in my face? What is wrong with you?” She started swinging her cane at me; she even hit me a few times. I apologized, and she made it very clear the next time I should not wait, but do exactly what HE says, no matter what it is.

We traveled to the little town of Jacksboro, Texas, in separate cars I might add. After picking up Mike at the road side motor inn, we rolled up to a nearby bank where we were holding the meeting. The Hamro family, our contact in Jacksboro had graciously made all the arrangements for us. They met us at the door and introduced us to all who showed up. A local Texas Christian artist and acquaintance of ours, Johnny Dane, led praise and worship for the congregation as the service began.  

I brought the message after Johnny so wonderfully ushered in the Holy Spirit. Then our ministry team lined up in front of the congregation, as Hamro’s team took a couple of baskets full of blank audio cassette tapes and handed them out to everyone. The people began to form a line in front of me; each one would hand me their blank tape and I would load it into my recorder and begin telling them whatever the Lord was saying. After I prophesied to the person, they would take their tape down the row for each one on our ministers to record His Word.

Three hours went by; almost half the people had gone, and we had started packing up. It was one o’clock in the morning, when, suddenly, the bank doors opened and about forty people were led in by a few of the younger people who had earlier received their prophecies. I saw the young folks leave, but I had no idea they were coming back, much less with so many people in tow. Later we found out they drove all over town finding friends and family, telling them about the meeting. We got back in a line, handed out the rest of the tapes, and began prophesying to each and every one; we even had to double up on a few of the tapes, as we had run out.

Even though it was late, we made sure that everyone who showed up received a word. Exhausted, we packed up and started the trip back home. As we drove back through the hills of Northwest Texas, a huge lightning storm entertained us. We were all in complete awe of the power of the Lord, and we celebrated His rock’en awesome introduction of His Prophetic Word for the people in Jacksboro.

The next day the prophetic team came to the house to discuss all G3D had done and what we had learned. During most of the meeting we worshiped Him and began praising Him with thanksgiving on our hearts. After many tears of joy were shed, we sat down and made plans for our next road trip to Southeast Texas, to a town called Nacogdoches, reported to be the oldest town in Texas founded by the Spaniards in 1716.

“For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” Then He said to them, “Take heed what you hear. With the same measure you use, it will be measured to you; and to you who hear, more will be given. For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him” (Mark 4:22-25 NKJV).


RE: Prophetic Gathering 

It is difficult to put into words how this weekend’s meeting has touched & affected me personally. I needed time for things to settle down before I could process the information, the prophetic interactions and words that were released this weekend. Prior to attending the meeting God spoke to me and told me to attend the next meeting in Jan also. I thought that was a little odd, but after meeting you, your family and fellow ministers I am so grateful that He placed such value on your ministry to give me the heads-up on the next meeting before I met any of you.

The words you spoke to me touched on areas of my life that only God knows are a concern to me. He showed you the hidden things that are taking place in my life and those things on my heart and gave assurance of His help and changes to come.

What you are doing with the ministers in this group is truly amazing, you see the need to release people into who and what God has called them to do and giving them a place, space and resources to accomplish all that God would desire in their lives. The prophetic elders you commissioned this weekend are a gift from God to all of us, and I am so grateful for their service, calling, anointing, and confirmation.  

I have not said all that I could concerning the impact of this gathering on my life; but know this, my walk with God and people will never be the same.

Skip Soyar


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