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14th Question: ‘Headed for Nacogdoches’
Series #28 ‘Sharing His Knowledge in 2022’
Recorded: July 10, 2022


In just a few days returning from Jacksboro we were getting everyone ready to head for Nacogdoches, Texas. A young couple who was attempting to start a church asked if we would come to their town and hold a prophetic gathering after hearing us on the radio.

We had a few new people join in the ministry; however, before they could minister with us, they would need to go through some training. A couple of nights each week we scheduled for the traveling ministers to join in for the teachings and activation. With about twenty strong in attendance the anointing began to grow with each meeting.

As we entered Nacogdoches, we began the search for the Senior Citizens Hall. It would be 3 more years before we were called on to minister in a traditional Church building. Meeting with the couple and their family we could see they had things set up for a large gathering. Tables and chairs are set up in the back of the Hall with plenty of makings for sandwiches and a full selection of beverages.

People began to show up looking at us as if we were strange are weird in some way. Breaking the ice a few of us went over to introduce ourselves to help them feel comfortable around us. With a few laughs they accepted us.

After a few songs it was time for me to start preparing the folks with Scripture and verse. It was important to reveal to the people that G3D is still speaking, and He is speaking to all of us. In a way it is like evangelizing the people by renewing their souls with a new revelation.

While I am bringing the message, I start seeing different things in certain people. For example, there were 3 men sitting on the front row on my right side. It was becoming obvious they did not want to be there. Then the Spirit said, “their wives are sitting right behind them.” Then I understood they were forced to come. With their arms crossed and legs stretched out, looking as if I were someone they wanted to hurt. One of them is peering over the top of his glass that slid down his nose.

Before I had our team come up to the front, I needed to exhibit what I was teaching was fact. I needed to prove I could hear G3D reveal something about someone that all would believe. So, the Spirit had me to call up a woman who I found out later was 81 years old. Andrea went over to help her get up and steady her with her walking cane. As Andrea prayed for her, I stood back as G3D began to tell me, “Ask her who James is.” Soon as Andrea stopped praying, I walked up to the lady and asked her, “who is James?” Frustrated as if I should know she replied, “he’s, my husband.” Then G3D said, “Ask her who is James Kay?” When I asked her, she gruffly replied, “HES MY HUSBAND.” Not knowing if he was in the building or not G3D said, “Tell her he is with ME!” My eye was drawn to her left hand, and I saw a huge diamond wedding ring causing doubt to creep into my thoughts. But G3D had already accurately given me her husband’s name. So, I laughed at the devil and said, “G3D says he is with HIM!” Everyone in the place knew James Kay, a prosperous oil man in those parts. The lady broke out crying with joy saying, “now I can go to heaven and be with my husband.”

It was obvious that James Kay was not someone the people or even his wife believed lived a life that would allow him to enter G3D’s heavenly kingdom. To see the 3 ruffians on the front row setup straight and on the edge of their chairs gave me pause.

It was now time to bring up the ministry team as our host handed out blank cassette tapes for everyone. Now the people had been primed and ready to come up front to receive their prophecy. As they were lining up, I took the tape from the first person and recorded their prophecy. Then they took their tape down to each one of the ministers standing with me. Each minister had their own unique way of ministering. During this event I recall Adrian who ministered in visions ran into a problem. He was ministering to this young girl, and he was stuck not able to interpret the vision. The girl was confused and was not going down the line until someone could tell her what the vision was saying about her. I asked Adrian, “what did you see in the vision?” He said, “I saw this little white fluffy rabbit happily hopping around in the green grass. Suddenly, a wolf jumped on the little rabbit and tore it to pieces.” Well, it was understandable why the young girl was concerned. In a split second G3D told me what the vision meant. He said, “the little rabbit represents the baby she had aborted. Tell her she is forgiven, and her baby is waiting for her in heaven.” She broke down crying because G3D revealed to her He knew what she had done in secret. She was also relieved to know she was forgiven and will meet her baby one day.

As we continued to minister under the heavy presence of G3D’s anointing I asked our Lord, “where is this power coming from?” He immediately turned my attention to the very back of the room. What I saw was Adrian’s girlfriend alone walking back and forth with her arms up and eyes closed praying for all of us who were ministering. G3D graciously humble me by saying, “there is where all the power is coming from.” Over the years ministering offline there were always picnic style meals for the people to eat at the end of each event. In Nacogdoches it was not any different. With every event there were always a few curious people who had questions. So, when I finally got around to filling my plate and sat down, people would start to gather around to ask questions.

Do you remember the 3 ruffians on the front row? Well, they were the first group to rush over and sit right across from where I sat down to eat. To this day I still have not been able to finish what was on my plate during any of the events where I ministered. I found it interesting how these 3 grown men during the preaching could be so obnoxious and disrespectful but after they witness the power of G3D became humble gentlemen. Their questions went right to my heart. They wanted to know how they could hear the voice of G3D. Nothing excites me more than to see grown men hunger to walk and talk with Jesus. Even though I have walked away from multiple plates of food the time I have spent feeding new believers has been most filling.

Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4 NKJV).

Every event has a scheduled time to end, and Nacogdoches was no different. However, there was one difference that stands out in my memory. When we all returned to the motel the anointing was still strong on all of us. With every event it was always the same. No one could sleep until the anointing lifted. As soon as it did your body would crash and would go into a deep sleep. Andrea and I were under the covers waiting to fall asleep when someone came knocking on our door. I rapped myself in a blank and went to door. When I opened the door there stood all the ministers who traveled with us. They too found it impossible to sleep and wanted to talk about the event.

I can see it as if it were yesterday. Lying in bed with everyone sitting on the floor. They surrounded the edge of the bed, and their faces were glowing as we all hungered for more time with our Lord. We talked for hours about all G3D revealed and learned there was more He had planned for us. It was the best of times, and it was just the beginning.


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