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17th Question: ‘A Jewish Father’s Prophecy to His Son’
Series #28 ‘Sharing His Knowledge in 2022’
Recorded: July 31, 2022

“Any day now we can expect Israel to finally put an end to the building of nuclear weapons in Iran. The pilots who are given this mission will be putting their lives on the line for all of us, not just Israel. Therefore, it is important that we pray for this small nation who stands against a giant rouge nation, Iran.”

Hearing a significant percentage of pilots will not make it back from this mission reminded me of one of my visits to Norway in winter of 1996. David Bowman and I had scheduled several services in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. David was young at the time but showed strong potential for the working of miracles. David was also a wonderful performer while playing the piano and singing. He would get wild banging on the ivory keys while performing. The Norwegian people loved it. 

One night we were ministering in a high school basketball gymnasium, and it was packed out. As David was ministering, I went up to the second level of the balcony to get some rest and prepare for my sermon. While David was attempting to deliver his message, I noticed standing at the bottom of the stage there was an older well-dressed man reaching up and pulling on David’s pant leg. With each tug the drunken man would shoot out a series of questions announcing it was impossible to be healed without doctor. David was doing his best to ignore the man, but it was of no use. Fed up and confused David started calling me out toward the crowed saying, “Kent will you come and take this man out and get him saved?”

Well, I was tired, but I knew something had to be done, so I made my way down to the front of the stage and invited the man into the hallway. He began to drunkenly slur out his questions and inform me that he was a medical doctor, and he did not believe in divine healing. I invited the good doctor to come sit with me and I promised to answer all his questions.

After a bit, the doctor began to sober up and became extremely interested in what I had to say about the Holy Spirit. I started by telling him about a young man who worked for the electric company back in my home in Texas. The man had bad fall from some distance, and it paralyzed him. He went into surgery and the doctors placed two metal rods, one on each side of his spine, running from his neck to his tail bone. This young man’s name is Burl. And he was in severe pain when he was brought to one of my meetings. While I was preaching the message my spirit was crying out to G3D as I watched the pain drawing tears from Burl’s eyes. He sat in his wheelchair with wires running around his cased body as the shock from the batteries ran up his spine. When I was able to start prophesying, I went straight to Burl. Our Lord said, “In two weeks you will go to another and there I will heal you.” The pastor contacted me two weeks later to let me know they took Burl to a Benny Hinn gathering in Dallas and Burl was miraculously healed. Not only was Burl healed but they had x-rays taken of his spine and there were no metal rods to be found. G3D had taken the rods and gave Burl a new spine. 

A couple of years later I ran into Burl and his wife in Riverside, California where I was ministering for a few days. It was there I was able to prophesy over both. Two links below are one of Burl and the other his wife. The video links are listed for your review. &

It was at this meeting in Riverside California that G3D revealed that they would move from Texas to California, live on a hill and meet with powerful men and women of G3D. 

Within the year they moved to Orange County California accepting positions with Benny Hinn Ministries. Burl was assigned the position of chauffeuring guests around and worked on stage with Benny catching those who fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. Also, they were to take a few of these powerful men and women into their home while they were visiting with Benny Hinn and the other ministers. Terri, Burl’s wife was a registered RN. She was perfect for interviewing and verifying the people who claimed to be healed. They were required to keep thorough records to illuminate frauds or false claims.

These are the events I told to the drunk doctor. Not only did he believe every word he was totally sober, free from alcohol. As the meeting was closing for the evening the doctor and I walked to the exit. There he began to see how the Holy Spirit had been working in his life.

The Doctor was Jewish and flew a fighter jet in the 1967 Egyptian and Israeli 6-day war. As we found a place to talk privately, he told me about an experience he had while flying his fighter jet. He said I was the only person he had ever talked to about this happening to him. He told of how he was low on fuel and returning to the base when his plane shut down, but it miraculously continued to glide for about six miles with no engine and no instruments. I replied, “That is impossible Doc, jet airplanes do not glide!” He said, “It was impossible that’s why I was afraid to tell anyone not knowing what they would think.” Then he began to recant what I had told him about Burl’s miracle and he asked, “Do you think that was the Holy Spirit that helped me land my plane?” I emphatically answered, “Without a doubt it was the Holy Spirit!” Anyway, the Doctor was ready to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit after I introduced him to Jesus. He was radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

By that time, the service was over, and people began to pour out of the auditorium filling the hallway where we were. Then an older woman who I knew stopped us and began to apologize for bringing the drunken Doctor who she had found standing on a bridge. She said, “he was acting like he was going to jump off into the freezing water.” I glanced over at the Doctor and his face looked like he had seen a ghost.

Then he began to weep, telling us a story about when he was a little boy of 7 years of age, how he and his father were standing on this same bridge where the Lady had found him. It was that very bridge that he and his father were standing on when his dad said, “Son one day you will be standing on this bridge and your life will be changed forever.”

I am so blessed to have been a part of the fulfillment of this prophesy that a Jewish Father gave to his now Christian Son. To this day I still preach from the same Holy Bible that the good Doctor signed for me after his conversion. He signed his name Dr. Tore Roy Beck on December 1, 1996, that day he was saved by the blood of Jesus and filled with Holy Ghost.


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