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18th Question: ‘A Heart Attack’
Series #28 ‘Sharing His Knowledge in 2022’
Recorded: August 07, 2022

In April of 2013 while holding an elders meeting, I had a heart attack and there was damage, at least that is what the first heart Doctor said. I had pushed my mind and body too hard for several months in the ministry during a remarkably busy season. So, after I went for a second opinion. This new Doctor decided we need to go through a more rigorous stress test before doing exploratory surgery. With my appointment extended out for a couple of weeks I decided to take it easy. 

We had Andy Frasure staying with us and Savannah was still living at home, so Debbie and I had lots of help. People were coming to visit regularly. One evening everyone decided to come at the same time. There was a fresh and powerful presence of the Spirit of G3D present in the house that night. Something good was brewing. Little did we know what we were about to experience a Game Changer for all of us. 

As usual we all gathered in the room with the most chairs. The conversations were always the same. Talking about the things of G3D and what He had done or what He had recently revealed. We took turns excitedly sharing with the group. Everyone except Andy. He was in his room working on his prophetic art images. One of us had the floor telling what they had learned when suddenly Andy entered the room falling face down in the middle of the floor then rolling around laughing out control. We all just stared. No one was experiencing what he was. Shockingly and suddenly, everyone began laughing and falling around. Then a strange smoke started to rise from out of the carpet. It was gray in color and was burning our eyes. It was so thick you couldn’t see anyone across the room, everyone’s eyes were full of tears. It was at that time I said, “Lord, what are doing to us?” He replied with a command, Sing the song I’ve got Joy, Joy, Joy.” I began saying “Joy, Joy, Joy” a couple of times then I stopped. He said, No, sing the song Joy, Joy, Joy.” I replied, “I cannot remember the words.” I started again, Joy, Joy, Joy, this time He gave me the next line, “Down in my heart.” Immediately, the healing went through my heart, and I knew I was totally healed. Everyone was stunned and began sharing what they had received during this Holy Ghost Event on the 18th day of September 2013.

I made my appointment and went through all the testing. When I returned to the cardiologist’s office to go over the test results, he had questions about why the previous doctor felt he needed to do surgery. In all fairness I needed to explain what had happened to me before doing his stress test. We talked for more than an hour. The doctor was of the Muslim faith and was extremely interested in what I had to share. He believed who Jesus was but said his faith restricted him from believing the way we believed. The one thing he could believe and wanted more knowledge of was my interaction with angels. For the next few years, we continued to meet and visit; however, over time he developed Multiple sclerosis (MS), a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord and central nervous system. Healing was available for him if he could have believed who Jesus really is, The Only True, Prophet and Saviour. The Only True G3D for all people. People of all walks want to be a part of what is real and true, especially, when dealing with spiritual matters. Although, it’s not always easy to get them come close enough to Jesus to receive their miracle.

Beginning in 2013 I started a routine of driving into town which is about 8.2 miles to a Starbucks’s drive-thru coffee shop. My main purpose for this routine was to be alone in my pickup truck so I could pray while driving. It was a time I could really release myself praying in the spirit going deeper in search for G3D. Each morning I was excited about going to get coffee. Many people thought I must really like coffee and Starbucks gift cards started coming in from 4 corners of America. I never had to pay for my coffee again. But the coffee was not what I was excited about. It was spending time praying in the spirit and hearing what G3D was saying as the interpretation was made known

After about 3 years I noticed a different anointing coming over me as I prayed. Then one day as I was praying the sounds being made were no longer coming from my mind but my spirit. At one point this unusual sound kept being repeated over and over. It was not a sound I could make on my own, so I knew this was something special. By the time I reached Starbucks I began within myself to ask G3D, “What was that all about?” Instantly, He replied, “I am introducing you to another Angel.Wow, I was excited to experience this new encounter. Without thinking I asked, “Can I see this, Angel?” In a flash a short video began playing before my mind’s eye. What I saw caused me to question this new experience, thinking this was a mistake. What I saw was a person that looked like ‘Richard Simmons,’ the workout guy with his flaming Afro wearing a bodysuit and dancing around like a fairy. I said, “Lord this can’t be right!” My Lord replied, This is (strange sound) the Angel of Joy.” 

I was still confused and could not get my head wrapped around what I had seen. G3D knew I was having trouble swallowing the idea, but I assured Him I would stick with it until I had enough confirmation to include it all into my beliefs. The next day while in my office I began trying to form the (strange sound) that was the name of this Angel of Joy. For the next 3 days I struggled trying to repeat what had come out of my own mouth. Finally, I said aloud, “Lord, I am just going to call this Angel of Joy, ‘Bubbalushay’ if that’s okay?’ He replied, “Okay, Bubbalushay!

A couple of weeks later I was telling a small group of people how I was healed from a heart attack I had in April that same year. About the time I got to the place in the event where G3D told me to sing the song Joy, Joy, Joy He dropped this thought into my soul. Basically, He shared His thoughts to inform me that as I sang the song Joy, Joy, Joy, and when I got to the words “Down in my heart” I was healed. It was the Angel of Joy He sent to heal me. Wow! This put a new emphasis of possibilities how to activate the Angel of Joy to heal heart problems.

This experience and learning lesson confirmed what I had been teaching for years regarding the gift of healing(s) as it is recorded in (1 Corinthians 12:9-28-30). It’s not a gift of healing to heal all people of all things as some may believe. Healing(s) in the plural tense is saying there are diverse ways of procuring a success process for someone to be healed. First, you must know that you have been given the gift to heal a certain issue by the Holy Spirit. Second, you need to know the process in which to initiate or activate the healing. Finally, you need the ministering spirit/Angel of G3D to complete the healing. 

“But to which of the angels has He ever said: ‘Sit at My right hand,
Till I make Your enemies Your footstool?’ Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:13-14 NKJV)

Within that same month I had an elderly man call me complaining of his heart not doing well. As I listened to what he was experiencing the Spirit of G3D prompted me to walk the man through this new healing process. I knew this was going to be a struggle talking him into doing this for he was set in traditional ways. 

To be obedient I took a deep breath and started telling the caller to sing a song with me. He replied, “You are kidding, right?” I asked him to trust me, and all would be good. So, he and I struggled singing the song, Joy, Joy, Joy. Then suddenly he stopped right before we got to the activation part, you know, “Down in my heart.” This man wanted to know how singing a song would help his heart. So, I told him my Angel Bubbalushay would come as soon as we complete the song and heal his heart. At this point I was beginning to have trouble believing it will work for him and not sure it would work for anyone else. When I mentioned my Appointed Angel, Bubbalushay he really started sounding angry as if I were making fun of him. 

After calming my partner down by reminding him of all the other times I had been used by G3D helping him in the past he was ready to go through the process. We started again and when all the way through and when he said, “Down in My Heart” he said he could feel the warmth of the healing go straight into his heart. That happened in 2016 and as of the date of this publication he still is healed from all his heart problems. 

Since that event I had a couple other people who have called and openly accepted the process and when they sang the song “I’ve Got Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart” they were immediately healed. 

On the downside, this process cannot work just for anyone who plans to start up their heart healing ministry. Telling people all they must do is sing the song to be healed would become an instant failure. First you must have received the Selected Gift from the Holy Spirit and the Appointed Angel to complete the process.


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