Bought By His Blood


This meeting was hosted by the Pacific Island overseer for the Church of God of Prophecy, Pastor Gary Langley, in Oahu, Hawaii. The service was streamed over the Internet and videoed for the church’s weekly television program. Pastor Langley and I have been friends for over 15 years and had many wonderful experiences ministering together. God has truly blessed this church and many of the people I have come to know very well.


On the flight over to the Island, I had worked out a plan with the flight attendants to help me in making a proposal to Debbie, whom I am now married to. As we were landing, one of the flight attendants came over the intercom system and asked everyone to unbuckle their seat belts, stand up and turn and look at row 43. He then made the announcement that I was to propose to Debbie, which I did and she accepted. Everyone on the plane clapped and gave their approval.


Now about this particular message, ‘Bought by His Blood.’ This message is for those who are going through difficult times. There is a way God has made for us to escape life’s problems that can eat on your nerves and make your life miserable.


If you want to see miracles in your life and watch God part the troubled waters for you, then you need to hear this message. Even if things are going well now, you can count on the fact that someday you’re going to need to know how to maneuver through the troubles of this world.