Dull of Hearing


When I was called out by God to work in the ministry, part of my duties were to teach people that God is speaking; for many had become dull of hearing. So, I thought it would be a wise idea to go to the churches and teach on hearing God.


As I went to each church, I would ask the pastor if I could hold a Hearing Clinic in his church. Most of the pastors thought I would be offering hearing aides for sale. When I informed them that I was not selling hearing aides they wanted to know what I was offering. I told them I would be teaching the people how to hear the voice of God.


One pastor, whom I called upon replied, “You think you can hear God?” I said, “Yes sir I do.” The pastor picked up his bible and said, “Son, the only way you can hear God is by reading His word!” I waited a moment before replying. Then the Holy Spirit said, “Ask him if he is called to pastor this church.” So I asked the pastor and he said, “BLESS GOD, AMEN!” As he tucked his bible under his arm. Then the Holy Spirit said, “Ask him where his name is in the book.” As I was command, I ask the pastor and he slammed the door in my face.


Some 13 years later, I was finally invited to do my first Hearing Clinic, thanks to Pastor C. W. (Bill) Campbell in Batson, Texas.