Faith to Faith


With the times the way they are, we all could use a lot more faith in our daily walk with Jesus. At times, it seems that you need to walk on water to please everyone. Pressures of war – biological, nuclear and on the home front – causes concerns for our future.


When faith comes to us, however, we have a certain knowing that everything is going to be okay. We know that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God (ref. Romans 10:17). So now the question is how do we find God?


One can read the Holy Scriptures, the written word of God, or one can pray to receive the present word of God. You need a word from Him that will solve today’s problems. This is where the teaching on “Faith to Faith” comes into perspective. One can have faith to believe God in His written word, but the present FAITH requires one to have a hearing ear to receive His spoken (rhema) word.


This teaching will hopefully help you find that place where you too can find the present word of God. With all the changes that are surrounding you, you cannot afford to make any more mistakes. One word from God can and will change your life’s circumstances. It is not too late to begin seeking Jesus, for all true wise men and women do.