Selective Hearing


Many times, people receive their prophecy and say they do not understand it. After visiting with the person for a while, you uncover what the real problem is. Usually, when they say they do not understand it, it’s their way of saying, “I did not want to hear that word and I want something more (or better) than that word.”


Sometimes God will send out a prophetic word and the person receiving it will be ecstatic about it, thinking it means something good and exciting. After a time, they come to realize it was actually an upside-down situation where nothing good came of it because they didn’t interpret it correctly. And sometimes God will relay a message of correction, but the person will not take it so seriously.


Even in reading the scripture, it is very easy to get confused, or select the things you want to hear and understand. But God wants us to know what He is truly saying today, and to Pray, Hear, and Obey Him.