When Will These Things Be?


Through the Holy Spirit is the only way to understand scripture. He is given to us as a teacher and He instructs us in our day. We have a hard time discerning the times we are living in and we can’t understand the things coming in our future. Many are proclaiming what the future is, and they’re basing it on a literal understanding of the scriptures. But all their predictions have failed. There is only one correct interpretation of scripture, and it is given by the One who inspired the writers in the first place.


Use the reasoning of men to interpret the bible, and you will miss its meaning. You can’t make God a formula, like His book is a textbook of equations. This is why the End Times, doomsdayer eschatologists have missed it every time. The future is not what the popular churches say it is, and there has been no correct prediction of Jesus’s coming. If a prediction is truth, it will come to pass.