PASTOR RAS: Should you judge the messenger who gives a word?

PROPHET KENT: No, God can use anyone he chooses to deliver a word. You must never judge the messenger by his past, where he stands with the Lord or even by what he does. God can use a donkey if he so desires. (Numbers 22: 28) We have no right to decide if God should use a vessel or not. It does not matter how long the messenger has walked with the Lord either. I have seen some individuals come to the Lord and mature and grow spiritually very quickly. Often a young Christian, called to the prophetic, will give a word but because we judge him or her as too young in the Lord we will not receive the word. That can damage the young Christian and make it difficult for him or her to have the confidence to step out and deliver a word the next time they receive one. This will stifle the prophetic from flowing in the Body of Christ. If we are to be fair to the young convert we should give the word time to come to pass before judging it.

PASTOR RAS: What is the difference between an Old Testament Prophet and a New Testament Prophet?

PROPHET KENT: There are those in the main stream of the Body of Christ that say that there is a difference in the powers of an Old Testament and New Testament Prophet. I really do not see a difference in their abilities or powers. The only difference is their message. In the Old Testament prophets foretold of the coming of Christ and the destruction of Jerusalem. New Testament Prophets should build and edify the Kingdom of God. The evidence of power seen in the Old Testament Prophets is seen in New Testament Prophets of today. They have the same gift and calling.

PASTOR RAS: Can a prophecy be changed?

PROPHET KENT: Yes, but only by God. There is an example of a prophecy being changed by God in the Old Testament. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and prophecy that God was going to destroy their nation. God did not give any conditions to prohibit the prophecy from coming to pass. After receiving the word the King commanded the whole nation to fast and pray, even the animals. God relented and did not destroy them. Jonah was upset and went under a tree and sulked. God asked Jonah, “Are you upset because I did not kill 120,000 people so that you could be right?” God did not care if Jonah looked like a fool. God is no respecter of persons.

PASTOR RAS: What about a person who is immature in receiving a Word?

PROPHET KENT: There is a great need for more teaching on the prophetic in the Body of Christ. People need to be prepared to receive a word, to know what to expect and what not to expect. Experience is the best teacher. Prophecy changes peoples’ lives. It is not something to be feared. Churches need to open themselves up and allow seasoned prophets to teach and usher in this prophetic move of God. This interview alone would indicate there is still so much that the Body of Christ does not understand about the office of a New Testament Prophet.