Founder of Elijah List

I’ve known Kent Simpson as a prophet since 1991. He has spoken many times accurately into my life.

Many years ago, before anyone had heard of the Internet (including me and probably Kent) he prophesied that I would be connecting the prophets by computer. I had no idea how that would ever come to pass.

About two years later (having forgotten this word), I decided to begin to forward to a group of about 30 friends, some prophetic words I was receiving from others, over the Internet. The next thing I knew, and it wasn’t my intention, I started receiving requests to subscribe to my list.

Now two years later, there are close to 3,000 on the list, with a huge number of prophets, prophetic ministries, pastors, and just a huge number of folks. THE ELIJAH LIST grew by about 25 new members a day. Do you think the Lord knew what He was doing, even when I didn’t?

UPDATE: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
“The Elijah List is a non-denominational Christian prophetic website created by Steve Shultz in 1997 with 127,000 subscribers as of March 2006.”

Kent Simpson, who founded PROPHETIC MINISTRIES TODAY, and SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS. I’ve met Kent at one of his seminars in Dallas. He sounds just like a Texan, operates out of Fort Worth, Texas, and flies to a number of countries to speak and train others in the prophetic.