Horn of Favor


The Horn of Favor shall be applied upon those who have been harmed, disrespected, falsely accused or slandered.

Our Father says; “Come to Me with your grievance and plead your case before Me in prayer. Release all your emotions and frustrations. Violently vent your disgruntle feelings upon Me until you have emptied yourself of all vengeance. Then I will take all your anxiety and fear into Myself and send you My word through the Prophet who will tell you what will happen to those who have come against you. I AM your Great Physician protecting you from sickness and disease.”

With this Anointing Oil, the Horn of Favor you will be covered and protected from sickness and disease.

When you have received a bad report from your doctor and begin to have sickness in your body, Father says; “Come to me in prayer report all that has been spoken over you. Tell Me what you are feeling in your body. Continue to pray that the prophet will receive My Word without hindrance. He will inform you how I will take care of you. Send for the prophet’s oil, I will instruct him what needs to be done for you to receive your cure.”

“I AM your Treasure ready to multiply what you have until it’s more than enough.”

Our Father says; “If hard times have knocked upon your door forcing its way in to your life crushing your dreams and trying to take your life scream out to Me in prayer until you know your prayer has been heard. I will mount My Word upon the wings of My Angel sending him like a screaming eagle to the prophet. The prophet shall declare My Word on earth as it has been spoken in heaven. At that time dozens of angels shall be dispersed in search to find your needs through work and by other means for the Horn of Favor shall do its work.