Quiver of God


To be a Quiver of God is a tremendous honor. The process to become a Quiver is rocky to say the least; however, it is necessary. The vessel must be purged of its selfish desires. Like the hunter who goes out stalking his prize, so the Spirit of God goes in search for the one who will make a perfect vessel to carry His prophetic word.

Each one of His straight and pointed words are created in heaven, able to penetrate the hardest of hearts, instantly killing the desires of the flesh. When this selfish want is eradicated, the Quiver begins to see that its job is to carry the arrows of God.

Resting on the back of the Prophet, the Quiver rides through the jungle of life staring into the faces of the lost and hurting, who are frightened. They are afraid but know not why. The demons inside are holding them in bondage fearing the Quiver of the Lord and what it carries. Demons shutter as the Prophet walks by, cringing as it sees the angelic feathers fitted tightly around the end of the arrow to guide these miracle darts of deliverance. The word of God is destined to strike a perfect mark.

When the Prophet arrives and sees his appointed soul, the anointed arrow is selected as the Quiver gives way to the Prophet’s hand. Stretching the bow to the desired strength, the Prophet lets loose of the arrow sending it straight from God’s throne. As the arrow strikes its desired target, the demons begin to wither and fall away, setting God’s chosen free from sin and doubt. Knowing the demon has been cast out, the arrow shouts with great glory, but the Quiver remains quiet. Everyone begins to praise the Prophet, giving credit to the arrow of God’s word. The Quiver, however, does not speak even though it knew before anyone else what was destined to be.

After the great works of God are complete the Prophet makes it back to the place of retreat, back to prayer where it all begins and ends. The Prophet takes off the Quiver and removes the special anointing oil from the shelf. He begins to work the oil, deep in prayer, to keep the Quiver flexible ready to receive more of God’s powerful words. The Quiver is a mysterious part of the Prophet’s gifting for it only knows when to draw the bow.

If it were not for the Quiver the Prophet might send the arrow too soon, forcing God’s precious word to fall to the ground thus displeasing the Master that it missed His mark. Therefore, every Prophet needs this special anointing oil to keep his Quiver youthful, free of blemish and scars. The most important duty of the Quiver is to know from God when it is safe for the Prophet to speak, to make sure not one arrow is loosed from the Quiver or placed on the bow until he is told.