Blessings Brother Kent,

I just received the prophecy and wanted to say that you were spot on, and that the Holy Spirit has truly spoken through you! I am amazed at confirmation that the Lord has given though you. To explain, I have a friend in my life who is also a prophet. Three times so far in the last six weeks she has prophesied almost exactly the same description. The Lord has told me through her that on my coming trip to Sri Lanka, while I will be preaching to a crowed on the street, that an evil man will rise up against me stirring up with him an angry mob who will physically push and shove me and verbally threaten to harm and destroy me. Then the Lord told me not to be afraid, but to have faith in Him and to pray in the spirit at that time, because He will put the right words in my mouth and that the evil man will fall to the ground. Even your description about the crowd fearing my day of doom, but later rejoicing when the Lord gives the victory, is almost word for word with what the Lord has spoken previously through my friend. Then there is the fresh part of the prophecy that the Lord has spoken through you that has made me weep because they revealed a desire of my heart that only the Lord knew, and now I know He has heard me and will answer my desire. Thank you for being a willing vessel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and changing lives for the glory of God!

After this email I am going to submit a prophecy request for my friend John as well. The email address on PayPal will be the same as this one, please send it here.

May the Lord Bless You,