Meet Andy Frasure, From Boyhood to Marine to Missionary

God has used prophets to speak in the old testament, in the new testament, and he even uses prophets today. The bible speaks of the prophets of old, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel. Many of you may have heard of some recent prophets such as the late William Branham. Today there are also many prophets that speak and share whatever God tells them. God has used one of these prophets by the name of Kent Simpson to speak into my life on numerous occasions. As a young boy I received 2 prophetic words from Kent on cassette tape. Both of which I kept. The words spoke of me being used by God to do mighty things and carrying a mighty anointing. I always knew God had a call on my life and he reminded me many times even while I wasn’t serving him.

In 2009 after getting out of the Marine Corps, my mother had asked Kent for another word from God for me. I received that word in February 2009 and after listening to it I remember thinking that it meant nothing to me, at the time I wasn’t serving God and Christ was not my personal Savior.

Now, fast forward over 2 years. After my ex and I split up and I had been accepted for The World Race, I was packing up my things when I discovered the word God had spoke to me through Kent in 2009. It was dead on. It was everything that I was going through and needed to hear at that moment. God had set me up in his sights in 2009 and pulled the trigger over 2 years later…

Meet Andy Frasure, From boyhood to Marine to Missionary from Kent Simpson on Vimeo.

A few weeks I posted on my facebook that I was going on a road trip across the country and if anyone wanted me to stop in a say hello just let me know and I would. Brother Kent saw my message one night and said that he would love to have me come and spend a few days with him and his family. I couldn’t pass this chance up. I have been here now for 2 days and Jesus has done some amazing things. The very things that I am doing through Jesus today are the things that God told me I would do in the prophesies from 15 years ago!

In the video above Kent talks about one event that happened at the doctors office yesterday, and there have been some cool healings too. Yesterday God healed Debbie’s(Kent’s lovely wife) back, ankle, and knee. God healed Kent neighbors ankle today during my run around the neighborhood. God also healed a mans knee today after I prayed for him. He couldn’t even bend it, and after I prayed me and this gentleman walked together and he could walk and bend his knee without pain!! I also received words of knowledge for and prayed for nearly a dozen people at the local college here. Jesus is so awesome!

This video that Kent and I recorded yesterday. At the beginning and the end of the video are the 3 prophetic words that I’ve received from Kent throughout my life. If you have the time please enjoy the video and listen to some of the many amazing things that Jesus has done in my life in the last few weeks.

I have been blessed to spend the last few days with Kent and will be spending a few more with him. Stay tuned for more blog posts and please subscribe by entering your email address in and subscribing on the left. Love you guys!

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