Dear prophet,

Ooh how wonderful is the message on giving you sent. I have heard any present it like that. Somehow l felt something must be wrong in the way giving is done around. Hey, l am confident to speak about giving. Ooh! The word is filled with Lots of wisdom. If am allowed to use it to teach fellow brethren l will appreciate. Thanks once more. I received also the impartation in healing handkerchief. Am so elated and excited at the atmosphere around me has changed so much. His glory is in our home. My aunt who is facing cancer slept peacefully after praying for her with it. I believe a total healing is upon her. The presence of the Lord is tangible around me by O300 am while l was waiting upon the Lord there was a flood of the Holy Ghost. I believe more testimonies are coming. May the Lord keep you and protect you. The body of Christ need a real man of God like you.