RE: Apostolic Decree on CD…

Hi Prophet Kent,

This is Annie from Taiwan. I want to express my sincere thanks to you for the Apostolic Decree CD and impartation handkerchief you sent to me in May. I don’t even know how to even begin to describe the supernatural changes I have been experiencing since I laid the handkerchief on myself that day. I am seeing clearer visions when I pray….I feel from time to time forces taking over my body beyond my control….I can hear Holy Spirit/Angels speaking to me…..and I even start having dreams where I am woken up by footsteps/noises by my bedside to call me out to help certain people. Wow, I am so new to it…and all this is happening within this one month! In all honesty, it’s a bit overwhelming….just like you said, its a very exciting time, but I remind myself to be cautious and ask God for a confirmation when I am not sure on certain issues. Actually, I am pretty much asking for confirmation in everything because I am still having a hard time discerning what’s from God and what’s not. It confuses me when I hear the same voice, but I get a feeling it doesn’t seem like it would be something God wants me to know…..therefore, I still get hesitant from time to time to tell people things I see or hear. I know it takes practice, and I am asking God to to show me what His will is for me on earth as it is in heaven. I want to share with you something that happened to me recently. A week ago, in my private place of prayer God told me I will be facing challenges in store. That night I was looking out my window, and I felt a force push me back against my chair. I felt I couldn’t move for a good 10 minutes perhaps? And while I was in that experience, God told me He will send armies of Angels to protect me for what lies ahead.. A few days later I started reading your new book “What’s Your Angel’s Name”. I am still going through it at the moment, and everything you wrote about angels being sent forth to deliver God’s defense, His healing, and miracles to His people comforts me every day. There is so much hope in every word you have have written…. So…yesterday, prior to baptism at my church, I was praying for the people who are getting baptized. I looked out my window…While I was looking at the thick clouds, my eyes got really fixated on the way it was moving and swirling. It was moving in a way I have never seen before, and suddenly I heard a voice to tell me to “keep looking”. Before I can fully understand I saw a clear image before my very eyes. I have attached the photo to this email. I saw a face form in the midst of the clouds and it was almost smiling. His eyes were gazing upward. This is only something I have seen on Kat Kerr’s FB postings…I never thought I would be able to see something like this myself. It happened so fast I was lucky enough to take a snap shot with my phone. I literally said “WOW!” and tried to step outside to take a better look….but it only lasted a few second. Thank you so much for everything Prophet Kent! I don’t even know where to begin to express my gratitude. You are an AWESOME vessel of our Lord, and I pray the mighty powers God has given you will grow stronger and stronger.

May God bless you and PMT!