Testimony from a once agnostic:

I never use to believe in any religion, I was an agnostic. You might ask what an agnostic is. It’s a person who doesn’t know whether to believe in God or not but does not dismiss the idea; therefore this is not an atheist because atheists believe that there is now and then nothing when we die. I never knew what Christianity truly was and never tried to understand it until recently. I grew up like most kids grow up these days and that is without any religion at all.

Back in October I was searching for Jerry the prophet who I couldn’t find except through the podcasts but this led me to come across another man, Kent Simpson, who also claims to be a prophet of God. So I ordered a personal prophecy and I am wowed with the accuracy and prediction of what is to happen in my life. It’s through the word of God he speaks and I encourage all to have a look at his ministry and possible do the same as I have done and order a prophecy for you. http://www.propheticministries.org/ I’m not really sure what would happen if a non-believer ordered one I don’t have the slightest clue but all they require is your name and of course payment to cover the cost of the CD, shipping, and Kent’s time. This is had the greatest impact on me and I’ve begun to understand that the Bible can describe to you what problems you have in your life and how to overcome them. Overcoming all these problems can be had by surrendering yourself to God’s will. Your love and obedience to his word, to him, is what he wants most and you will be rewarded greatly for it. Don’t try to identify what God would do if he was God or what he will do for you because God is the greatest thinker there is and no one can even come close to guessing what God thinks. He will work in such mysterious ways which could ultimately end up coming to you years down the road for something you might be expecting tomorrow. You have to have patience. That is a key virtue that I have come to understand. Trying to speed things up will only make lengthier delays. God knows what he’s doing so let him do it his way.

This is my story thus far and to this day I am always getting closer and closer to God with obedience. I just have to trust my conscience and what I know to be wrong not to do it and not to second guess God’s laws. They are his laws and he must punish you if they are broken. I will write more articles and post them as often as I can but I encourage you to read all and hopefully they will guide you in some way.

God bless you.