Brother Kent,

I received the personal word of the Lord on CD today and I have to write and thank you for your listening ear to His Word. The word you spoke from the Lord is a warm and welcome confirmation. It is also a help for me to hold on and know that God has not set me aside. You spoke of the rejection and betrayal. It is an accurate word. I’m 60 years old and for over 30 years have walked in a passion for Christ. My “Christian” husband divorced me because I was too spiritual for him. He said he didn’t want to change. I have the mantle of the prophet and you confirmed I have the mantle of a counselor.

People open up and share things with me all the time things they would never tell anyone else. I listen to the Holy Spirit and seek His word for them and ask for Wisdom as to what to say to comfort someone and give them hope. Thank you again, for what you spoke of the present and the encouragement for my future as I continue to trust God and obey Him and seek His will for my life.