I asked if the handkerchief had a fragrance because when I was experiencing a lot of pain, I laid it on my pillow after prayer and asked the Lord to have the angel that was appointed to minister for me to minister to me as I lay hands on myself and prayed. The pain started leaving my body and an aroma seemed to fill the room. I could not identify it. I had sent my sister a text message indicating that I was in a lot of pain. Next I text her saying I could smell angelic presence. Text saying the pain was leaving and angels smell really good. I was trying to locate the source and thought it was the handkerchief, yet it was faint compared to what filled the room. The next day as I was praying four hours, I washed my hands at one point and that same scent was on the towel that soap did not remove. It was the same fragrance and it remained on the hand towel on the one side where I dried my hands. It was the identical scent. I took the towel to church and had my asst. pastors smell it….both sides. One side scented, the other not. To this day the scent remains on that towel I am keeping. The towel was left in the church kitchen. During service I could smell the presence if that angel…..same scent, and broke into what was going on to explain this to the congregation. I asked if anyone else smelled it, and it was up front. The man I interrupted walked dawn the aisle toward the front and affirmed smelling the scent. I told them it was angelic presence and that the angel was moving through the congregation. Others smelled the angelic presence that smelled like the towel in the kitchen. In the altar service I ministered in the prophetic to individuals. After service others smelled the scent, and when I got into my car the angel scent went with me. I was transporting my mother home and she smelled the angelic presence in her home when I went in with her. The angel returned to my house and the scent remained all that night. I don’t understand all that, but it all smells the same as the handkerchief. I asked those who smelled the angelic presence to smell the towel in the other room….and asked if it was the same. All but one person said it was identical. Not sure my asst. pastors believed me when I told them it was the angel assigned to minister for me, but they both smelled the essence in the service as the angel was moving around. We have experienced signs, wonders and healings for the past few months since I began fasting and radically praying for revival, destiny, fresh anointing. Six years ago we had the scent of an angel in the church for a while, but this is the first time in many years. Thanks for this timely teaching.