Dear Kent. This is a praise report and an update. I have good news about my aunt Johanna. I appreciate very much your precious prayers for her. The Lord has given her more life for a time! She has no more pneumonia and her kidneys-values have come down from 400 to 100! I have paid a visit to her during three days and during two latter days Johanna herself prayed loud and cleared the following prayer after me: “Dear Jesus. I come now to Your cross. Jesus, I believe that You bore all my sins on the cross at Calvary. You, Jesus died crucified for my sins on the cross at Calvary. Jesus I confess to You my sins. Thank You Jesus that You forgive all my sins. Jesus washed me with Your blood from all my sins. Jesus, I believe that You rose from the dead on third day and You live now and forever. Jesus, come now to live into my heart. I want that You, Jesus are my Lord and God. I confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord, who was born from the Virgin Mary and is the Son of God. Thank You Jesus for my salvation. AMEN.”

When Johanna had prayed this prayer during both two latter days, I asked her who owns you now. She answered during both two latter days: JesusĀ“, in other words I belong to Jesus who now owns my life. It so wonderful that my aunt Johanna found Jesus at so high age as 93 years old.

With love and blessings in Jesus Christ