Brother Kent this series is so good, but painful too.

I thought I was the only one that had to learn everything the hard way.

Every time I’ve disobeyed God’s commandments or ignored Holy Spirit’s instructions it has cost me.

Years ago, I was busy working on our house. I had the backyard side gate open so I could pull lumber out of the truck bed. Holy Spirit told me to lock the gate. I said I will when I’m done at five o’clock. Later, I was told again to lock the gate. Again, I said I would do it when I was done working.

My wife and I went into the house at three o’clock to take a rest brake. As we sat at the table a man suddenly appeared at our backdoor. He reached for the door knob to come in, when I jumped up and locked the deadbolt with only a second to spare. The man was high on drugs. He kicked and banged on the doors and windows from the back to the front of our house 10 minutes. We called 911 and the police arrived with four officers. It took all four men to get the 140 lbs drug crazed man to the ground. All this could have been avoided if I had been obedient to the Holy Spirit. Sin always has a cost.

B. Nelson from Texas