Dear Pastor Kent,

I am so sorry that there has been a delay to send this e-mail to you.

I want to thank you very much for the prophecies which you sent both my son and myself.

These few words of thanks seem so inadequate in the light of what you have done for us. Thank you from the depth of my heart for the time you set aside to wait upon God to receive these words to send us. I can imagine the volume of work you are coping with.

These words you received from God are so accurate, so deep, helpful and meaningful. There is so much I would love to explain that would enable you to see how incredible these words are but it would be too much for this type of e-mail. It has settled something very big in my life and I cannot stop thanking God for this.

You prophesied that my son would pray for the sick and they would recover and that people would be raised from the dead. You also spoke of his compassion for people besides other things, and this is so true but unbeknown to you, he is a Rescue/Emergency Helicopter Pilot who has been exposed to sick and injured people for a while now. He has been in need of a word of encouragement and this has given him fresh vision and purpose for his life.

Thank you too for the regular words you have been sending as well as the prophetic messages. There was an experience which you had which I was able to relate to and it has now confirmed how I must handle an instructional word from God in the future so that it remains in my focus and does not fade. (I would write the word and place it in all focal points of the house to keep reminding me) It was amazing because this is exactly what I thought I should do in the future and then your one word confirmed this. I did not follow through with something from God earlier this year and it cost me dearly. I have really learned from this experience.

I pray for you and your family and all those who are involved in the ministry with you.

God Bless you.