About a year ago I was ministering at a house meeting in Texas where a well respected prophet was in the meeting. After the meeting since he didn’t know me, I ask him if he would pray for me. First he prayed a general prophetic word over me and then all of a sudden he declared, “No More Rent! No More Rent! At this time next year you will have your own house with your name on it!” I was spellbound for in the natural you would think that by now being 55 years old that I would have my own house. But we have rented for 26 years of marriage because although God has been faithful, we have had no line of credit for we tried to obtain a loan just two years ago but couldn’t.

This past summer this word stirred in our hearts to try again. We went to another loan company and this time they said. “Let us try your utilities and rent payments.” They agreed that they could use them for credit purposes. The loan we were approved of is very limited and as we looked around for a house we couldn’t touch anything for that limited amount. We really like the half double house where we have been renting for the last three years but knew the landlord was not open to sell it. The reason the last family moved out of the house was because they wanted to buy it but the landlord said he didn’t want to sell it. So we felt stuck and somewhat confused with this ‘word’ from the Lord that kept us somehow hoping against hope for our own house.

Just a month ago out of the clear blue sky our landlord called us and wanted to talk with us. He came to visit us and told us that he wanted to sell the house and wondered if we would be interested in buying it! A week later he told us his selling price. The selling price was five thousand less than our loan! We rejoiced to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!

We have had to put some money into repairs to upgrade the wiring and other things. The house was built in 1903 and is historical. It is well built out of brick with original wood trim inside. I was curious about the date that I received this word in Texas last year. I looked at my last year’s calendar and the date was November 16th, 2003. We received the contract last week and the settlement date for the house is November 15th, 2004! Exactly to the very day the word of the Lord is coming to pass! The word from the prophet was “at this time next year!”

When we moved into this house three years ago, the landlord and his wife told us that fifty people walked through the house and wanted to rent it. But they told us that they never had peace to rent it out to anyone until we came and walked through it! We know now that the Lord was giving us favor to rent it then so we could buy it now!