Dear Prophet Kent,

Thank you again for coming and for all you gave to us. You present Our Father Papa God’s Words over His people and each of us gets to hear even more what He is truly like. I wrote down many of the words given to others to reflect on especially this Sunday on Father’s Day.

You carry such an incredible strong Anointing and my prayers are with you always. Have His Grace to handle it.

You always bring MORE of God to this area and we go from Deep to Deep….through your ministering. When you speak in just a regular voice the Power on some of the words spoken through you is amazing. It pierces the heart and soul. For example…when you spoke about it was because of the LACK of God’s Grace that the psychics followed the fallen angels… it was soooooo BIG… sooooooo overwhelming how BLESSED we are that He would Choose us to be able to receive His Grace for Salvation and life.

“Greetings in Jesus name; I am Bishop Reyes, General Overseer of the Family Church of God in Riverside, California. You prophesied to our organizations in 1995 that in five years we would have 500 churches. We are at 443 and by the end of the year we will be over 500. Thanks be to God for you!

We are building a convention center to fit 10,000 seats and are planning to have our dedication in August 2000. The Lord blessed us with 40 acres of land next to city hall. God has been good! Please write back to see if you received this letter.”