Dear Kent,

I have taken my time replying as I have been processing so much. Thank you for the incredible mind-blowing prophecy you gave me. I returned from my conference to hear it. It is such a word of responsibility and awe. I am trying not to be overwhelmed. And that angel? Well, on the 22nd the date of the word you sent through an angel manifested at the camp that night. He was in human form and he spoke to me. He spoke to me several times and again I was in awe. He told me he was an angel and I could see that but many others were unaware. At times I found it hard to concentrate as he sat near me quite often. So, is this the angel you are referring too, in your word for me – “that would come’ or is there another? He had a sobering word for me which upon reflection got me down a bit at home. He said “can I be blunt”….he shared with me that I was not spending enough time with God. I feel convicted and a little condemned now knowing I have to do better. I know that the Lord doesn’t want me feeling condemned but I do. I am trying to fit online ministry in and time for Him, teaching etc. It was a true blessing to meet him and have him talk with me…I feel I have not made the mark or maybe I need to “step it up” for my higher calling with more time with Him. The angel’s name was Hone and he was Maori as this group Pacific Pearl in New Zealand comes through the Maori people.

I have some more questions Kent. Since September I have had what I thought was a “glory cloud” in my room swirling with lights and twinkly stars and it travels with me I find. It is a grey mist cloud and hangs in the room. I have a red light and a green/blue light roam around one night. The angel Hone when I asked him said it was a “distraction” and I wonder is he right? He had just told me that I was not spending enough time with God at that point. Can you give me any insight on this? He said some awesome things too. That I was healer and that was my major call. That I would (with Holy Spirit) heal cancer and the angel then touched my heart. I do have a healing ministry and anointing and it is increasing…. It has also(previously) been prophesied that I will do “greater miracles than Kathryn Khulman” (which blew me away) and operate in all 9 gifts. Before this point I saw myself as a Prophet ministry only and knew that – until Kathryn Khulman.

Finally, and oh by the way I have to work out some computer gizmo stuff and wait for my daughter who has just moved out, to advise me, but after that I will be getting involved with your broadcasts etc. Okay finally, would you please give me insight on my future husband. I have been single for many years, previously married. This year an International prophet in person told me I would meet someone in by the end of January this year. He just called me out and did not know me…I would love to hear what you have to say here.

Thank you for your wisdom,

Richest blessings from Northern Ireland