Thank you so very much for the word that you just released to me. You were spot on in everything that you spoke. May I someday be as gifted and as accurate as you are my friend!

I have definitely been struggling to breakthrough to the throne room of God so that I could see what He is doing for the people that I lift up to him, and hear clearly what He would have me say to them. I definitely have made progress in this area as I have been seeing much quicker this past week and have worked the backlog of prayer requests from PMT and the prophecy requests from the NAWFG website and Father’s Heart Ministry. Thank You Lord and thank you Kent for the breakthrough anointing that I have been crying out for.

I have been getting a steady flow of requests for prophecies and am receiving much good feedback. I will soon have enough to put together a testimony addendum to my website at NAWFG.

I was seriously debating within myself to pull down my website because I was having so much difficulty seeing and hearing… That was when I decided that I would request a Word from God through you before I did anything. As soon as I sent the request, God was gracious and started letting me see and hear better and about Thursday of this week, I had gotten caught up and decided that the last thing I really wanted to do would be to shut down my ministry.

You were also spot on about me having a hard time finding rest. I have laid all of my problems at the cross of Jesus and I have asked the Lord to handle the inability to rest along with every other thing that is going on, and I will just keep pressing in to Him.

Donna Astern has been very helpful to me and I believe she is a great addition to the PMT Staff. I also know Pastor Wayne Sutton who now has a NAWFG website. Wayne is very gifted and I believe that He is also very accurate.

Be blessed my Friend and say “hi” to the staff at PMT in Texas for me. I hope to be able to go to the next regional PMT gathering.