Thank you so much!!

This word was an encouragement and even connected with other words I’ve gotten. 🙂 some of the things you mentioned sound like things that are much farther off, such as children. I’m sure I will come back and re-listen to this word over the years and will keep getting more and more from it.

I wanted to thank you for all the words you’ve given me over the past several years, they all have been major encouragements & confirmations. A few times I have laughed during listening, because what your talking about had been something I had recently pondered, thought about or experienced.

Other times, when I feel I lose direction or am down, I’ll sit down and listen through all the words I’ve gotten from you and a few others. They bring me back into a place of knowing who I am and where I’m going.

I have also gotten words for friends, which I believe has blessed them. I know when I’ve listened to them, I can just see their personality all over it. Which I always find amazing how God speaks to us individually.

Thanks again! God Bless You!