Hello & thank you Brother Kent:

I received my Prophecy CD in the mail on October 20, 2014, and at the end, supernaturally, I said, “Thank You Jesus” repeatedly for a time and the palm of my hands turned blood red with heat & oil as a confirmation from the Lord that I had received the gift(s) for healing by the laying on of hands and the Lord confirmed that He had assigned an Angel to minister with me.

The Lord also confirmed what I believed I received at the time of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost 40 years ago in March 1974 in Goshen, Indiana. When I got up from the church floor, I knew that I knew that I had been given the Gift of Healing. And, later the Lord made known to me that my ministry would be in the workplace for a time and somehow I have known for years that the Lord will use me more frequently in the very end-times which are here now. It seems like it is about one minute before midnight on my time clock.

By the manifestation of the Lord on October 20, 2014, the Lord made known to me supernaturally that you, Brother Kent Simpson, are a true Prophet of God and I have since received my study materials for the School of Prophetic Knowledge which I was recently enrolled. The study materials are really helping me learn and develop in the Prophetic Ministry.

Now, I should say again, thank you Jesus and thank you, Brother Kent Simpson, for your faithfulness to God in your ministry for the Lord. May the Lord continue to bless and prosper you and those you love.