Thank you,

Your teachings help restore my trust for God. I love your boldness for God’s word you receive. You said, when God speaks we need not to help him rather he will fulfill his word at the appointed time also if God really speaks, it will come to pass. I was losing confidence in prophecies until I read your interview. The teachings become so real with sharing experiences. Just that sometimes you promise continuation the following week but we do not see it rather different topic.

This is my personal request. Please, aside the CD’s on prophetic training that some of us cannot acquire due to lack of pay pal in our country, give us teaching through the e letter. We are hungry for his direction that is why personal prophecy column is flooded.

Finally, I thank God for the teaching anointing too. Your letters teach me a lot. SO HUNGRY TO HEAR GOD SPEAK TO ME MYSELF. AS IF I AM DYING TO HAVE IT.