I just watched your internet church video and just wanted to say “God bless your ministry!!”

I have been out of church for 8 years because I always got so beat up at church and left feeling horrible and unchristian. I was so in love with Jesus, not being from a Christian family, but the “religious system” just left me condemned. I just wanted to be real and honest, and not feel like I was attending a production every week. I almost lost hope because I was so desperate to be obedient to the Lord but was given the impression that if you are a committed Christian you go to church every Sunday or you’re really not worshipping God. It killed me to think that the only thing I had in my life, and the only one who truly loved me and I him, I was not good enough for. Eventually I was finally blessed with a personal mentor (an ex-pastor who traded in his ministry to get real with people) and for the first time found acceptance in Christ.