Dear Kent,

Our beloved brother in the Lord. We want to share some GOOD NEWS with you.

Last year in March 2006, the Lord gave us a word through you. He said “to rest and be content in that nook we call a condo… that the papers would be given unto us and for us to call the place our own.”

Around that time, we decided to sign a new month-to-month rental agreement at our Catkin apartment that allowed us to pay less in rent. As you know, our apartment complex converted into condos and there are about 300+ units on the complex. Renters who did not want to purchase their condo, were moving away very fast, and the seller didn’t want to lose much money and therefore was offering incoming renters cheap rent while upgrading and selling during the first and second phase of the project. We figured our new rental agreement took care of the “and the papers will be given unto you” part of the prophecy but were puzzled by the “and call it your own” words. How can you call something you rent your own? “Your own” implies ownership.

We decided to sign a new rental agreement only after we had been turned down when we attempted to purchase our Catkin apartment last March. The seller was using a preferred lender and had very strict criteria. Well, guess what the Lord did. He changed everything for us. He uprooted the old sales company; the seller was using, and put a new one in its place and has added two more lending companies. Also, the seller now accepts ACORN. ACORN is a government program which makes it possible to purchase a home without PMI, offers a discounted interest rate, down payment assistance, etc., etc. We’re going through escrow right now. The contract papers have “been given unto us” and soon we will be able to “call it our own”. No word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment. We’re currently living in a 1BR unit, in the same complex, which is located in the last phase of the project. Our Catkin condo is being gutted out and filled with many upgrades. The Lord gave us the upgrades for free (which includes all new appliances, granite counters in kitchen and bathrooms, cherry wood cabinets, ceiling fan, Italian stone floor, new carpet and much more), $10K towards closing costs and a free W/D. These were the incentives the seller offered to us but little do they know they were following God’s lead.

The Lord is so faithful to reconfirm and reassure his children. I was thinking, “Lord, it’s wonderful that you parted the Red Sea for us. What was impossible became possible… to purchase our condo… but Lord, how will there be enough to pay for everything else when our mortgage/HOA/taxes will almost triple from what we currently pay in rent?” Kent, the Word from the Lord you gave in March 2006 ended with saying, “And I will send the word and there will be more than plenty.” A couple of days ago when I was feeding on the Word, the Lord confirmed what He meant by “and I will send the word and there will be more than plenty.” Read Leviticus 25:20-21. I read this scripture and I knew that I knew that I knew that God placed this before my eyes to comfort me. Lord I accept your blessings!

I also acknowledge and thank you for the recent Word given in February 2007. We welcome the promises of God in His timing.

Yours in the heavenly calling.