Dear Mr. Simpson,

I just wanted to thank you for your prophetic word and give you feedback. My name is Caroline Cn and you had a word for me about a year ago regarding the angel Raphael with a gift of healing and the Breaker Angel of faith. I did not necessarily doubt the words at the time but they seemed strange and unexpected, so I just stored them on the shelf and figured God would reveal in His time. I actually forgot the details, but this week I found my handkerchief and today I thought I should look up my word from you again.

Before I had a chance to do so, however, I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and an angel made himself visible to me. I have not experienced this before and was in shock and awe, but I had the grace to somehow gather myself enough to ask him his name and what he wanted. He said Raphael. I then sensed I needed to go pray for my mother. I went to her house (she lives across from me) and explained to her what happened, still almost unsure. My mother reminded me then that the word I had received from you last year spoke of Raphael the angel. I then prayed for her and sent angels that were under Raphael’s authority to deliver the healing needed. I went back home and listened, and YES, you spoke of Raphael, and you spoke that I would appoint angels under Raphael to bring healing…I am in awe of God’s goodness tonight, and I wanted to encourage you of your accuracy in hearing the Lord.

Thank you for your service to the Lord. I am learning many things right now! My faith is growing immensely.