Hi Kent,

I would like to tell you one of the prophecies you gave me back in February of 2014 that has definitely come to pass. Basically, it said that God was setting me free and that I would be able to grasp that which is written in the scriptures. Also, that He would speak to me in a whisper and that I would hear what He wants to say to me. Big time this is happening to me. First, He whispers in my ear something like all of Israel is not Israel this went off for days. Then I find the scriptures that say that and then starts a long study in the Word on that topic. This is only one of many examples. I heard you say the other day that God speaks by revelation first to you. Well that is exactly how he is doing it with me. I can’t get enough of the word. He also showed me in the word that he chose us we didn’t chose him. I’ll never forget when he showed me that. I must me honest and say I was a little upset with all the false teaching I had been given. But so thankful for the revelation. It really excites me.

Carrie from California