Hi Kent,

Besides being supper excited about my angelic prophecy coming and the fact that God chose me to be one of the people to receive this beautiful offer I thought I would give you an update concerning the story below that I shared with you a while back.

A few weeks ago, to my surprise I realized that the story below was part of the beginning of the apostolic prophecy you gave me about a year and a half ago. WOW!!! Also, it confirmed an open vision I had before I left my apartment a year ago and went homeless for 10 months.

During my prayer time I had an open vision where I saw a mobile home park. I kept saying Lord what is this your showing me. I said Lord there is a song that goes with this. Finally, I got up and went to my computer and silly me googled the words old song about a trailer park. Up came the song, you might remember this Kent it went like this. Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to lent 50 cents, I’m a man of means by no means King of the Road. Well guess what…. the lady that took me in lives in a trailer park and I rent a room cheaply from her because I am a woman of no means and I was King of the Road (living out of my car). God is so funny sometimes (I just adore Him).

You had prophesied a warning about someone who would try and shame and hurt me and try to steal my prosperity. However, there would be one who would come to my aid and see my way through. The person was my eldest daughter that tried to shame me the other children just left and won’t speak to me either. The person who came to my aid was the lady I live with temporarily.

I have prophecies from way back that spoke about people that were trying to control me and I was not aware of it. My eldest daughter vowed that she would make sure I would never stand behind a pulpit or have a ministry. Well I guess we now know who those people are MY CHILDREN. Bummer ๐Ÿ™

I believe and actually have prophecies that God would take these people out of my life…. for a time. Well He Did!! So, the timing for the angelic prophecy is perfect with the apostolic prophecy because that’s what comes next ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes this journey has been so sad (my pillows are stain with tears) and hard having to give up my husband and children. However, the journey of walking things out with my Lord and watching him supernaturally take care of me and change me is priceless. He also promised me that if I obeyed him, he would save my household. Ya, just can’t beat that promise for those you love so much. He has tested my love and devotion to Him many times. Like the Bible says, “if you do not love Him more than anything, anybody, or lifestyle youโ€™re not worthy of Him”. And He is Worthy of Everything!!!

Carrie from California