I just remembered something wonderful concerning the prophecy that I received in September of 2018 about the “invitation, notification” that I would receive by the end of 2018. In my last email to you I didn’t think I had received one and you told me to look at the prophecy I received in December. I email back that I hadn’t recognized it but there it was. WOW!!!! However, this story gets even better and I completely forgot until just the other day. So here goes. About 3 or 4 days before Christmas I was spending some sweet time with my Lord and I said “Ya know Lord I haven’t received my “invitation, notification” yet and it’s getting close the end of the year. Suddenly he started (and only you would understand this) singing the song “I wish you a Merry Christmas x3 and a happy New Year to me. Just the refrain of that song. I said “oh so you’ve got something special for me for Christmas?? I just smiled and fell asleep and forgot about it. Well as it turns out on Christmas Eve, I checked my emails in the morning and there was nothing there and I didn’t check it again that day. You sent the prophecy to me on Christmas Eve about 2pm but I didn’t see it until Christmas Day. That was the gift my Lord gave me on the celebration of His birthday. I just enjoy my relationship with Him so much. He is so amazing. Hope you enjoyed this sweet story.

Carrie, in California
Much love to you and Debbie:)