Hello Prophet Kent, thank you for your words. They are a confirmation of a dream God showed me a few days ago, which I did not understand.

You are right, my mother when I was a child used to take me to these people which now, I know practiced witchcraft, they used to have a big image of Christ, but were spiritus. She used to take me frequently, and I even think she died prematurely as a curse from visiting these people, she died at the age of 60 of lung cancer. Anyhow, I didn’t know the curses were still on me, I repented of visiting them after I met Jesus Christ at the age of 23, now I’m 42, and never went back. I knew something was wrong all these years and could not figure it out.

I thank God almighty from lifting these curses, I don’t know why he would set me free now and not before?

I thank you, bless you and your family. Thank you for bringing these words from God to my life! They are so true!

Christina A.