Kent, this came in this morning to Cathy who does our “intake” of comments. Thought it might bless you as it did me!!

Steve Shultz
Founder of

Thank You, Mr. Shultz!

Thank you SO much for your personal recommendation of Prophet Kent!

I am so grateful to have received my personal prophecy from him which is so right on I cannot tell you!

I did this primarily because of your personal recommendation on his website being an Elijah List subscriber for years.

There can be so much errant “stuff” out there leading people astray that your recommendation gave Prophet Kent total validation in my heart since I had not known a lot about him other than Prophet Kent being an excellent contributor to the Elijah List over the years.

May the Lord continue to enlarge your territory for His glory and thank you ever so much again for your personal recommendation of Prophet Kent.

God bless you, Mr. Schultz.
Thank you again.
Kind regards,