RE: In the Presence of the Holy Spirit


Dear Kent,


Thank you SO much for sharing the process you went through learning from William Branham, wrestling through doctrine or theology or however its called,

And coming to peace hearing from and acting on what the Holy Spirit was telling you in the meetings.


We see the fruit and harvest of this in your life and the lives of those impacted by PMT’s reach.


It helps so much to hear the “backstory” of how you came to solidity in learning and applying from Scripture and the lives of those who were impacting REAL change (i.e., salvation, healing and deliverance).


And this is right. There are many “spirits” in the meetings, but the man or woman of God who stands in their authority/power in Christ IS the one who IS supposed to take charge

So that THE Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ can come and move freely.


This was so helpful-just thank you, so much!


Many blessings and much grace,

Crystal W.