RE: Live Prophecy Online with PMT Ministers

Hi Pastor Kent,

First I want to thank you and your panel of prophets yesterday and for giving a word to three of my friends and my daughter Crystal. That was Crystal’s first time to receive a word and she was kind of tongue tied to share the accuracy of the word that all of you gave her.  She has my permission to let you know what she was not able to tell.

You said she deals with longevity of people’s life – she does part time life insurance since she lost a steady job about 3 years ago. You also mentioned about a child.  She is very close to her niece and nephew but more so with her niece so we will see what could that mean.

Mark mentioned about finance and prosperity – she passed all three licenses in securities and starting to deal in financial investment so she is glad to hear about improvements in her career.  She has one more license to take to be able to teach and supervise. She is already almost there. PTL!!

Savannah touched on her health- she is short at 4’8″ as she was diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome when she was 6 years old. This was from my husband’s line. We have not given up contending for a sudden breakthrough from our Father God. Please pray with us for her miracle healing.  Is it okay to seek a word my grands also one Thursday.  They are 10 and 7 years old.

What you do for the body of Christ is awesome!!!  God bless you more and more than you could ever imagine.  I love ❤️ your father’s heart.