Elder Kirklin,

Thank you for the prophecy that you sent for my son Elijah. I listened to it before I sent it to him for his birthday yesterday and it brought me to tears. You have no way of knowing him, yet you prophecied some powerful things over him. I would have almost struggled to believe the prophecy, except that what you said at the end of the prophecy about him being an entrepreuner and having businesses in order to finance the ministry that he would do is exactly what he has been saying to me for the last year or more. What a confirmation! I just got on to the website and paid to request the handkerchief for Elijah. He is out of town for his birthday right now, so I have not been able to talk to him about the prophecy, but his response by text after he listened to it was “Wow!” He tells me he is still processing and that is understandable, but I have always known that the Lord has big plans for his life and the lives of my other 3 children and so I look forward to seeing how He brings it about. Thank you for your obedience in hearing the voice of the Lord. I will be requesting other prophecies for other family members in the future as they are such an encouragement.