Dear Apostolic-Prophetic Pastor Friend Kent,

Just wanted to say that I and my family love and honor you – and your family.

When I was young and so many people were praying for me, and there was no change,

But everything got worse to the point of surgery which left me with trauma and some not-great decisions afterward,

I cried (screamed) in my heart—WHERE are the prophets? WHY can’t all (any?) these adults get through to God?

Overjoyed cannot describe what I felt in my spirit when we met you, and you ministered to the Lord

And to all of us.

From learning about the loss of your beloved mother as a child, I understood the personal cost,

And I already knew a little about the “religious” cost of becoming a prophet. Err.

Thank you.

Just thank you for going with God, going for the gold in the race of your life

In the face of all, and in spite of all, that you went through to minister to the Lord and to the people.

My sons have grown up with first-person knowing of a mighty prophet of God, you.

When I asked CJ where he felt the best in a church setting, he replied, “At Pastor Kent’s.”

You have/do live a life worthy of the calling you’ve received,

And we are so blessed and honored to know you—and your family.

Raising the HONOR shield over you, and commending you to the Father.

All His best,

Crystal Wade, Hico, Texas